Sunday, July 1, 2018

Spotify Lite is lightweight, but probably too bare-bones

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  • As the name implies, Spotify Lite is a “lighter” version of the regular Spotify app that removes a few key features and minimizes app size.

  • Spotify Lite is available in certain countries, though you can download and install an APK.

Spotify is not the only service to offer a “Lite” version of its app, though the intent is the same: to offer a lighter app that targets low-end smartphones with slow internet connections. Spotify Lite certainly checks off those boxes, but makes some significant compromises along the way.

As on the regular Spotify app, Spotify Lite greets you with a list of playlists and recently-played music when you open the app. That is where the similarities end, however.

In terms of differences, the navigation bar at the bottom shows the Home, Search, and Favorites buttons. This compares to the regular Spotify app’s navigation bar, which features buttons for Home, Browse, Search, Radio, and Your Library.

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