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Best Cheap Smartphones: From Best to Worst

These days you have more choices than ever before when it comes to finding the best cheap smartphones. Devices like the Moto G6, iPhone SE, LG Q7 and more. Whether that’s a cheap Android phone, unlocked budget devices, or a cheap iPhone.

If you don’t need the latest and greatest, want to sign a 2-year contract, or can’t pay over $700 for a smartphone you do have other options. In 2018, budget phones rival the best of the best and typically have features once reserved only for flagship smartphones.

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Millions of users are looking for a cheaper route, like budget-friendly phones under $100, $200, or even $300. We’ve gathered up the best cheap phones from popular brands, or refurbished and used devices to deliver a list of the absolute best cheap smartphones you can buy today.

Buying a premium phone like the Galaxy S9 or the iPhone X is nice, but they’re also well over $700 and too expensive for a lot of people. And just because you can’t afford one doesn’t mean you should settle for something terrible. That’s why we found deals like a pre-owned Galaxy S8 for only $299. That’s also why Motorola, Nokia, and others are putting a ton of effort into high-quality cheap phones.

Types of Cheap Phones to Consider

  • Budget Smartphones

  • Buying Used

  • Refurbished Deals

Motorola makes some of the best budget Android phones on the market. You can also get a good deal on used phones from sites like Swappa or Gazelle, usually with a warranty. Or, find a refurbished phone that’s a year old and get a high-end experience without breaking the bank. Basically, don’t just settle for the cheapest phone you find on a Verizon or AT&T shelf.

The devices outlined below are cheap, but they’re good cheap phones, and that’s what’s important. They’re actually worth your hard-earned money, instead of junk devices that’ll never get an update or last very long. Everyone is different, and each buyer has different needs or wants. That’s why our roundup below has a little of everything for potential buyers.

Best Cheap Smartphones: From Best to Worst

  1. Moto G6

  2. iPhone SE

  3. Nokia 6.1

  4. Honor 7X

  5. iPhone 6s (Pre-owned)

  6. Moto X4

  7. ZTE Blade Z Max

  8. LG Q6/Q7

  9. Moto G6 Play

  10. ASUS ZenFone V

  11. Galaxy S8 (Pre-owned)

  12. Moto E5 Play

  13. Alcatel V3

  14. Moto G5s Plus

  15. LG K30

Moto G6

Motorola’s most popular and successful smartphone was the Moto G from 2013. It’s what started the high-end budget smartphone trend, and they haven’t slowed down since. Every year Motorola makes our best cheap phones list, and the all-new Moto G6 for 2018 tops it.

If you want a high-end flagship phone without the expensive price tag the Moto G6 should be your first choice. Packing a gorgeous 5.7-inch Full HD display inside a premium all metal and glass phone. The design compares to a $700 Galaxy S9, it’s that nice.

The Moto G6 is the best phone you can get for the money. It has everything you’d expect from a phone in 2018. Small bezels around the screen, dual rear cameras, a fingerprint scanner, and good performance. Don’t forget 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and microSD. You also get Turbocharging, all-day battery life, up-to-date software, and support for every major carrier. It’s unlocked and works on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and more.

Buy it Now for $234 at Amazon

iPhone SE

One of the main reasons people buy “cheap Android phones” is because they broke their expensive iPhone 8 or iPhone X, again. So, if you’re on a budget, can’t afford the latest Galaxy S9, or don’t want to shell out hundreds to fix a broken iPhone, just get an iPhone SE.

Loyal iOS fans can get an unrivaled smartphone experience for under $150 if they know where to look. The iPhone SE is a return to the old iPhone days, with squared edges and a 4-inch screen. That said, it packs a serious punch, runs iOS 11, has a fingerprint scanner, and takes great photos for the price you’re paying. It’s a great replacement for someone in a pinch. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the latest iPhone, but it does have all the essentials.

Buy it Now for $139 at Walmart

Nokia 6.1

Believe it or not, Nokia actually makes some pretty excellent Android phones. And for 2018, the new Nokia 6.1 is one of the best phones for the money. You get a premium, durable, attractive design with a big 5.5-inch screen at an affordable price.

The Nokia 6.1 has a 5.5-inch 1080p HD display, runs Android 8.1 Oreo (Android One) and will see Android P soon. You’ll also love the 18:9 long and skinny screen ratio similar to the Galaxy S9 or iPhone X. It has 16 and 8MP cameras, a powerful Snapdragon 630 processor with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, and a microSD slot for storage expansion. Nokia packed in a big 3,000 mAh battery for all-day usage too. This gives the Moto G6 a serious run for its money.

Buy it Now for $265 on Amazon

Huawei Honor 7X

Honor is a sub-brand of Huawei, one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. We’re big fans of the Honor 5X, 6X, and the new 7X. In fact, it’s on our list for the best phones under $200, because it’s only $199. However, it’s better than most more expensive phones and a lot of older devices that are starting to go on sale.

Honor’s phone has a beautiful all-metal design that feels like a $700 phone. You’ll enjoy a large 5.93-inch edge-to-edge screen with tiny bezels, similar to the Galaxy S9. Honor gives you dual rear cameras, 16 and 6MP, a fingerprint scanner, Android 8.0 Oreo and more. This phone packs a powerful 8-core processor, 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage. Plus, you can add a microSD card to expand storage. Considering the price, this phone has everything you’d need while looking and feeling like a much more expensive device. It’s unlocked, works with most carriers, and costs under $200. Or you can get a model with 4GB of RAM and 64GB storage for a few more dollars.

Buy it Now on Amazon for $199

iPhone 6s (Pre-owned)

This list is the best cheap smartphones you can buy, regardless of brand, operating system, or how you get it. A lot of people on a budget think a cheap Android is the only option. It’s not. In fact, there’s no reason to pass up an excellent certified pre-owned iPhone 6s from popular sites like Gazelle, your carrier, or Swappa.

Did you know you can get an iPhone 6s with a 4.7-inch Retina display, a highly capable camera, iOS 11, and everything else you love about Apple phones for under $240? Whether you find refurbished, pre-owned, or buy it used from Swappa, some start under $200 with only 16GB of storage.

Being 2018 though, you want at least 64GB for apps, games, movies, and Netflix offline downloads. That’s why we found a 64GB iPhone 6s with a warranty and a 30-point inspection certification from Gazelle for only $239. Again, it’s not the latest iPhone X but you get an extremely similar experience for a lot less money.

Buy it Now for $239 at Gazelle (or $14 a month if you’re on a tight budget)

Moto X4

In late 2017 Motorola released the 4th generation Moto X, the Moto X4. It offers a premium design with glass on the front and the back, a big 5.2-inch HD screen, dual rear cameras, IP68 dust and water-resistance, and a clean version of Android 8 Oreo.

The Moto X is no longer Motorola’s flagship smartphone, but you’d never tell by looking at it. They kept the fingerprint scanner on the front, jumped into the dual rear camera game, and put a big 3,000 mAh battery in a relatively small phone. This means it’ll last all day along with getting great performance, takes good photos, and won’t get ruined if you drop it in a pool. It’s a good little phone that you can get unlocked, from carriers, or on Google’s Project Fi network where you only pay for what you use.

Buy the Moto X4 from Project Fi for $249

ZTE Blade Z Max

The biggest trend in 2018 is long and skinny screens with small bezels. This makes phones easier to use with one hand, without making the screen tiny. We’re seeing it more and more, even from budget phones. And while the ZTE Blade Z Max is only on MetroPCS or Sprint, it’s certainly a phone worth considering.

The ZTE Blade Z Max packs a big 6-inch HD display with small bezels. You’ll also enjoy a 16MP dual rear camera setup, 32GB of storage, a microSD slot for expansion, Android 8.0 Oreo, and all-day battery life. The ‘Max” in the name is for the massive 4,080 mAh battery that’s bigger than any other phone battery on our list.

Buy the ZTE Blade Z Max for $129 at MetroPCS

LG Q6 and Q7

If you love the LG G6 or LG G7 ThinQ but can’t afford the high price tag, consider LG’s affordable choices. The LG Q6 is one of the best bezel-free cheap smartphones. It’s basically the best LG phone from late 2017 turned into a more affordable brother.

With the Q6 you’ll get a big 5.5-inch edge-to-edge 1080p HD display, a Snapdragon 435 with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, microSD support, and a decent 13MP camera on the back. You don’t get dual rear cameras or a fingerprint scanner, but it looks like a modern high-end phone, and that’s what a lot of people want.

You can get this phone for around $224, or even less if you’re ok with some ads from Amazon built-in. There’s also an LG Q7 coming this summer that promises an upgraded experience, fingerprint scanner, and dual cameras for just a few dollars more.

Buy the LG Q6 on Amazon for $189

Moto G6 Play

If you liked what you saw from the Moto G6 but want something a little more affordable, consider the Moto G6 Play. It takes the same idea as the G6 and makes a few subtle changes to the battery and features.

The Moto G6 Play has the same big 5.7-inch screen but it’s only 720p HD. You get a single 13MP camera on the back, a 5MP front camera, a fingerprint sensor, and a slightly slower processor than the Moto G6. However, they add in a huge 4,000 mAh battery which lets you “Play” with the phone more. The lower specs and screen resolution paired with a big battery means this phone will last all day, and then some.

It’s a great well-rounded phone for someone looking to spend around $200. Just know that others have a better screen or improved performance for a similar price.

Buy it Now for $215 on Amazon

ASUS ZenFone V

The ZenFone series is basically ASUS trying to compete with the Moto G. And if the new ZenFone V for Verizon is any indication, they’re doing a pretty good job. You’d expect this phone to cost around $500, but it’s under $240. This phone has powerful internals you’d expect from a flagship phone, like a Snapdragon 820 processor and 4GB of RAM.

You get a smaller 5.2-inch 1080p HD display, a premium design, and an excellent 23MP rear camera that takes great photos. We really like the brushed aluminum design, rounded edges, and capable camera. It also packs a 3,000 mAh battery and will last all day. If you sign a contract it’s even free at Verizon Wireless.

Buy it Now for $239 at Verizon

Samsung Galaxy S8 (Pre-Owned)

Honestly, if we’re comparing these phones from best to worst the Galaxy S8 deserves to be near the top of the list. It’s barely a year old but still more powerful and capable than almost every affordable phone on the market. The Galaxy S8 delivers a stunning design with curved edges, a curved 5.8-inch AMOLED display, water-resistance, wireless charging, mobile payments and more.

Everyone knows what to expect from the Galaxy S8. It’s fast, pretty, powerful, and takes great photos with Samsung’s award-winning 12 DualPixel camera on the back. If you know where to look, you can find a used or refurbished Galaxy S8 for the same price as these “budget phones” that don’t offer nearly as great of an experience.

That’s why we’re recommending the pre-owned Galaxy S8 from BoostMobile. Obviously, this deal doesn’t apply to someone on AT&T or Verizon, but if you’re willing to switch, you’ll get a great phone.

Buy the Galaxy S8 for $299 at Boost

Moto E5 Play

Motorola knows how to make great affordable phones, and the 2018 Moto E5 Play is no exception. The E5 Play looks and feels like a much more expensive phone, but it’s not quite as nice as the Moto G6. You get a 5.2-inch 720p HD display, a capable Snapdragon 425 processor with 2-3GB of RAM, and only 16GB of space. There is a microSD card for expansion though, which is nice.

Considering how cheap it is, you can’t expect everything to be good. That’s why you’ll only get an 8MP camera on the back, 5MP front shooter, and a 2,800 mAh battery. However, it looks good, works great, runs Android 8.0 Oreo and costs under $100. It’s a truly cheap phone for someone who really can’t afford anything else at the moment.

Look, there are better phones on our list, for sure. That said, if you’re only spending $100 this is probably your best bet without signing a contract or getting on a monthly payment plan.

Buy it Now for $94 at Verizon

Alcatel V3

Another relatively unknown brand that makes pretty great cheap phones is Alcatel. We’ve recommended its Idol series in the past, but the all-new Alcatel V3 is what makes this list. Announced in May 2018, the Alcatel V3 gets you a 6-inch 1080p HD display, dual rear cameras, a fingerprint scanner, and most other bells and whistles all at an affordable price.

At first glance, the Alcatel V3 looks like most other flagship phones released this year. There’s no notch in the screen, but it’s big and stretches to all four corners of the phone. You’ll enjoy a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, Android 8.0 Oreo, and a 3,000 mAh battery. The rear cameras are only 12 and 2MP, but it should be more than enough considering it only costs $150.

This phone has Face Unlock, a nice design, and comes with a case and screen protector in the box. Giving you everything you need to get started.

Buy it Now for $150

Moto G5S Plus

This next phone is a tough one. The Moto G5 Plus was the best cheap phone released in 2017. However, then phones started coming out with bigger bezel-free screens and dual rear cameras. So, Motorola unleashed the dual camera Moto G5S Plus.

Basically, the Moto G5S Plus is bigger, better, faster, and still under $300. It’s basically last years version of the Moto G6. So if you can save a few dollars by getting this, go for it. You’ll enjoy a 5.5-inch 1080p HD display, Android 8.0 Oreo, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and a great overall experience. We recommend the new G6 first, but this is a good alternative for those interested.

Buy it Now for $215 on Amazon

LG K30

Last but not least, for now, is the LG K30. This is LG’s “do a little of everything” phone and it’s only $139. The LG K30 is one of the best super cheap unlocked Android phones. You can use it on T-Mobile, Verizon, or AT&T, and it won’t break the bank.

The K30 delivers a 5.3-inch HD display, 8 and 5MP cameras, Android 8.0 Oreo and a pretty big 3,000 mAh battery that lasts all day. You’ll get a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, a nice overall design, and a pretty capable phone for one low price. Again, there are better phones on our list, but if you’re really on a budget this is one worth considering.

This phone is originally $179 but most of the time you can find it for even less.

Buy it Now for $139 at Amazon

We’ll continuously monitor the market for exciting new phones and update this list as more options arrive throughout 2018.

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Xiaomi Mi 8, Mi Band 3 images purportedly leak, along with new Mi 8 SE

A purported image of the Mi 8 and Mi 8 SE phones. Weibo

  • The Xiaomi Mi 8, Mi 8 SE, and Mi Band 3 have apparently appeared in leaked photos.

  • We don’t know much about the SE, but it seems to be a slightly smaller version of the Mi 8.

  • The Mi 8 will support so-called dual-frequency navigation for decimeter-level accuracy.

We already know a fair bit about the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 8 and Mi Band 3, but it looks like the Chinese brand is readying a Mi 8 SE for a launch event tomorrow as well. Images posted to a Weibo account (h/t: GSMArena) purportedly show the two phones and the Mi Band 3 ahead of the event.

It’s the Mi 8 SE that has us intrigued though, as we haven’t heard much (if anything) about it until this week. The image shows a phone with a notch and similarly thin bezels as the standard Mi 8.

The Mi 8 SE also seems smaller than the vanilla flagship (see the header image), suggesting Xiaomi looked to Apple’s iPhone SE for inspiration in name and screen size.

It’s unclear if the phone will have the same specs as the main flagship, but a new leak suggests a Snapdragon 710 chipset and an AI-enabled dual camera setup. The Mi 8, meanwhile, is expected to pack a Snapdragon 845 SoC, 3D facial recognition (enabled by sensors on the notch), and up to 8GB of RAM.

The Mi 8 SE’s notch doesn’t seem to have as many components, suggesting 3D facial scanning isn’t an option on the smaller device.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

5 Reasons to Wait for Galaxy Tab S4 & 3 Reasons Not To

Samsung is reportedly working on a brand new Galaxy Tab S4 tablet. With rumors starting to swirl we want to outline some reasons why you should, and maybe shouldn’t, wait for the device to arrive.

If you are currently looking for a new tablet, you’ve got a ton of options. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 is still a solid choice and it’s only gotten better thanks to Android 8.0 Oreo.

Apple’s also got a solid line of slates available including an upgraded 9.7-inch iPad the company announced at its spring event in March. The company is also rumored to have a new iPad Pro 2018 up its sleeve and it could arrive alongside new iPhones this fall. Both should be on your radar.

The Galaxy Tab S3 and Apple’s iPad are worth considering, but you should also take note of Samsung’s rumored Galaxy Tab S4, a brand new tablet that’s expected to make its debut later this year.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Rumors

The Galaxy Tab S4 missed Samsung’s Unpacked event at Mobile World Congress in February, but a release looks like it’s in the cards for 2018.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 rumors continue to trickle out and the device looks like it could be a worthy successor to the Galaxy Tab S3.

A recent benchmark listing outlines potential specs which could include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, tons of RAM and internal storage, microSD card slot, Android 8.1 Oreo, Bluetooth 5.0, LTE capabilities and a sizable display that could bring the company’s Infinity Display to the Galaxy Tab line.

While some of you might not want (or be able) to hold out for Samsung’s next tablet, others might want to wait for more rumors or for the device itself to arrive.

The Galaxy Tab S4 probably won’t launch in May, but rumors point to a launch around the time Samsung announces the Galaxy Note 9. The device recently got certified in Russia, a sign the device is moving closer to its official release.

While some of you might want to wait for Samsung’s announcements, others might want to turn to another device in 2018.

Wait If You Want the Best Software Support

Wait If You Want the Best Software Support

If you plan on keeping your next tablet for awhile, it might be a good idea to wait for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 to arrive. Here’s why. 

While you might be tempted to go with a cheaper Galaxy tablet from 2017 or 2016, note that these devices will see their software support end a lot quicker than the Galaxy Tab S4. 

Samsung typically keeps its flagships upgraded with major software updates for two years. The company tends to extend bug fixes and security patches for a little bit longer, but software support will eventually stop and you’ll be on your own. 

The company has also kept some software features exclusive to newer devices due to the hardware limitations on older phones and tablets. 

We fully expect the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 to come with a full suite of Android Oreo and Samsung Experience features.

If we’re lucky, the company will outfit it with Android 8.1 Oreo (rumored to be on board the Galaxy Note 9) and Project Treble. Project Treble will ensure the tablet gets fast software updates. 

If you want the absolute best software experience from a Samsung Galaxy tablet in 2018 and the foreseeable future, you might want to think about holding out for the Galaxy Tab S4.

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10 best new Android apps from May 2018!

This is the featured image for the best Android apps from May 2018
App developers are pushing the envelope on a daily basis trying to improve and enhance our smartphone and tablet experiences. In fact, so many Android apps come out every day that it’s difficult to keep track of them all. It’s difficult to usurp the best of the best but if you’re getting bored with what you’ve got and want to try something new, check out the best new Android apps from the last month! You can watch the videos from past months by clicking here! You can check out our selections for the best Android apps from 2017 in the video above!


Price: $3.99


CamToPlan is an ARCore app. It lets you map out rooms with your camera and AR technology. You move along the baseboards of your room. The app maps it out. It then creates a 2D representation of the room. This is useful for planning, construction, and other uses. It boasts a 2% margin of error in ideal conditions. The app works best with good lighting and a good contrast between the floor and the wall. It’s far from perfect. However, this is one of the better uses of ARCore tech that we’ve seen. It runs for $3.99 with no additional in-app purchases or advertisements.



Price: Free / Up to $1.99


Forest is a neat little game for phone addicts. You open the app and plant a tree. The tree only grows when you don’t use your phone. You use that as motivation to put the phone down and leave it alone for a while. The app keeps track of the trees you grew along with a sharing features for you and your friends. Over time, you just use the phone less often. There are a few bugs, but it’s otherwise stable. It’s also relatively inexpensive.



Google News

Price: Free


Google News replaced Google Play Newsstand this month. It’s Google’s new app and it’s decent. There are a range of standard features, including a news feed, recommendations, and some control elements so you see the stuff you want. The app also tries to deliver full coverage of events from credible sources. The definition of credible sources is a little ambiguous these days, but the app seems to do an okay job of finding good stuff. The app also lets you subscribe to newspapers and magazines. It works okay, but the algorithm needs a lot of time to gauge your interest in stuff.


Google News

Horizon Explorer

Price: Free


Horizon Explorer is a neat little app. It uses ARCore along with your camera. You point your camera at a spot far away from you and the app tells you how far away it is. It actually works surprisingly well. There aren’t a ton of uses for an app like this one. However, the developers promise more features in future updates. This is another excellent use of Google’s ARCore technology. Plus, it’s just downright fun to use. The app is currently free with no ads, no in-app purchases, and it doesn’t run in the background.


Material Gallery

Price: Free


Material Gallery is a new app by Google. It’s mostly for developers. Developers can upload their design work and get critiques from other developers. You can upload screenshots, mock-ups, or even whiteboard sessions if you want to. Additionally, you can leave feedback on other people’s work. It might be a useful tool for developers with new apps. However, us normal people don’t have much use for it. It’s a free app with no in-app purchases or ads.


Material Gallery

Opera Touch

Price: Free


Opera Touch is Opera’s latest attempt at a browser app. Thankfully, this one is pretty decent. It features cross-platform syncing with its browser app, a feature that even Microsoft has at this point. However, unlike competitors, there is no login or account required. It uses a QR code that you scan with the app to your desktop version to sync the two together. There are also other features such as privacy browsing, a Fast Action Button, a search button, and more. It still needs work, but frankly, not that much. It’s a decent web browser.



Price: Free / Up to $49.99 (eventually)


Siempo is a new launcher for Android phones. It’s also an app for smartphone addicts that want to kick the habit. The app has a variety of features to get you off of your phone. That includes batched notifications so you only get them occasionally. Additionally, it features a simplified home screen as well. The app even randomizes your app drawer on occasion. It’s a goofy concept but it works strangely well. The app is entirely free right now. Google Play lists in-app purchases up to $49.99. However, we could not find them in the app during our testing.


Steam Link

Price: Free


Steam Link is an interesting new app from Valve. It lets you play PC games on your mobile devices. It works like Nvidia’s GameStream, except the game plays on your PC instead of the cloud. You connect a controller to your phone, enable the link, and play. The game plays on your PC and streams the visuals to your phone over local WiFi. It’s a little janky as expected. It is a new release after all. The only downside is playing complex PC games with something as simple as a mobile phone controller. Otherwise, we liked it.


Steam Link


Price: Free / $11.99 per month / $74.99 per year


VPNhub is one of the most interesting releases of 2018 so far. It’s a new VPN app by Pornhub. It’s a strangely good VPN for a porn website. The app is unlimited and free on US servers. There is a monthly subscription for additional features like over 1,000 servers worldwide. It also boasts a no logging policy and we like that a lot. We didn’t run into any issues during our testing. However, it is just a little bit expensive for a mobile VPN. Otherwise, this is actually legitimately good.



YouTube Music

Price: Free / $9.99 per month


YouTube launched its new music service this month, kind of! The update rolled out about a week ago. However, many are still waiting for it. It’s only available in the US and many people in the US are on a waiting list. Anyway, the app features on-demand music streaming similar to Google Play Music, but also all of the YouTube Music features from before the update. Thus, it’s a sort of combination of the two. It has some issues and there are questions about whether or not it’ll be as good as Google Play Music in terms of selection and music quality. However, it’s too soon to tell if this is going to be great or not. We have our hands-on linked up just below if you want to see it.


If we missed any great new Android apps, tell us about them in the comments!

10 best new Android games from May 2018!

This is the featured image for the best new android games from May 2018 article on Android Authority
Android gaming is getting bigger and better every month it seems and there is always a slew of new titles coming to Google Play. Whether you’re a casual gamer or you want something with a bit more meat on its bones, there’s usually a game coming out to suit everyone’s taste. Some months are better than others, but there is usually at least one great new game on mobile every month. Let’s take a look at the best new Android games from the last month! You can watch the videos on YouTube from previous months by clicking here! You can also check out our picks for the best new Android games for 2017 in the video above!

Animal Super Squad

Price: $4.99


Animal Super Squad is a new adventure-platformer with some puzzle elements. You roll an animal through a course and physics takes over. The game features a variety of playable characters, a bunch of levels, and more. It’s a goofy game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. There isn’t much else to say about it, really. It’s entertaining, occasionally funny, and it’s not a freemium game. You can get it for $4.99 with no additional in-app purchases or advertisements.


Distraint: Deluxe Edition

Price: $4.49


Distraint is a remake of the original. It features all of the psychological thriller goodness of the original. However, this version also includes better coloring, better animations and lighting effects, better audio, and improved controls. It’s a little short at around two to four hours for completion. That’s about the only knock on this game. It’s otherwise quite good. It runs for $4.49 with no in-app purchases or advertisements.


Dungeon Hunter Champions

Price: Freemium


Dungeon Hunter Champions is the latest game in the popular series by Gameloft. This one is actually a MOBA. It features five versus five battles, online PvP, over 250 champions, guilds, leaderboards, and more. This distinguishes itself from others with a campaign mode as well. The game has a ton of content and it keeps you busy. There seems to be a small issue with bugs and crashes. Otherwise, people seem to like this one. It’s a freemium game, though, so do tread carefully.


Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Price: Freemium


Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is already extremely popular. You play as a character at Hogwarts. You explore the school grounds, attend classes, unlock characters, play a campaign, and more. It works quite well mechanically. Plus, it has voice actors from the movies. There is really only one downside to this game and it’s the freemium model. This game is very aggressive with its in-app purchase strategy and you wait for a lot of things in this game. The story line and activities are otherwise interesting and fun.


Homo Machina

Price: $2.99


Homo Machina is an interesting new puzzle game. It explores the human anatomy through a series of metaphors and vignettes. You play inside the body of a human. You make it move by solving puzzles and interacting with characters. Each level is basically one human action. For instance, one level wakes the human up by opening its eyes. This is a really short game and it’s a tad buggy. However, those are the only two knocks against this one. It’s a good puzzle game.


Jurassic World Alive

Price: Free / $9.99 per month


Jurassic World Alive is a new AR game similar to Pokemon Go. You explore the real world, collect dinosaurs from the movies, and battle them with other players. The dinosaurs scale to builds and it looks really cool. You also collect items from collection points, build a roster of dinosaurs, and collect DNA via drone flight. The game uses a very unusual $9.99 per month subscription instead of the usual freemium model. We’ll see how that works. This game is only available in certain parts of the world right now, but keep your eye out.


Paladins Strike

Price: Freemium


Paladins Strike is another new MOBA game. This one has shooter elements as well. You play five versus five battles with a selection of 15 champions. It’s the standard MOBA stuff. You capture points and beat your opponents. The game also features other game modes like Siege and Juggernaut. It helps keep things fresher for longer, but it all revolves around the same basic mechanics. The game had a rough start with bugs and small issues. They seem to have overcome these difficulties and people are enjoying the game quite a bit now.


RBI Baseball 18

Price: $6.99


RBI Baseball 18 is MLB’s yearly mobile baseball game refresh. This one features decent graphics, simpler controls than previous iterations of the game, a full roster of players on every official MLB team, and more. You also get authentic ballparks, access to old MLB legends, and some various game modes. This is a game series on the rise. Last year’s game was fairly disappointing. This one seems like it’s actually pretty decent. We’re hoping they use this momentum to do an even better game next year.


RBI Baseball 18

Sago Mini Apartment

Price: $2.99


Sago Mini Apartment is a new kids game. It features a variety of kid friendly mini games. You start in an apartment. Each floor has a different game to play. The games include counting games, hand-eye coordination games, music games, and more. It also packs in some cute characters, colorful graphics, and simple controls. It’s about on par with what we’d expect a kids game to be. It costs $2.99 with additional in-app purchases or ads, another good idea for a kids game.


Still Here

Price: $3.99


Still Here is a fun little puzzle-adventure game with platformer elements. You play as Pip the alien (or two other playable characters). You then jump around, explore the world, solve puzzles, and befriend various NPCs. Each level has its own set of quests and the game has an actual story line to follow as well. We especially liked the graphics and simple game play mechanics. It’s not overly challenging, but it’s still entertaining and fun. The game goes for $3.99 with no in-app purchases or ads.


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