Wednesday, April 18, 2018

iPhone SE 2 Release Date Tips

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If you’re interested in the rumored iPhone SE 2 there are some things you should take care of before the device arrives.

The iPhone SE 2 is a rumored successor for the popular 4-inch iPhone SE Apple launched in March of 2016. iPhone SE 2 rumors have picked up steam in 2018, but it’s still unclear if Apple will release a new iPhone SE to go along with its rumored iPhone X successors.

iPhone SE 2 rumors have outlined potential features including a design that’s based on the iPhone X and iPhone 8, a new processor which would mean improved battery life and speeds, and a cheap price point. It’s music to the ears of those who’ve been hoping for a new iPhone SE, but these rumors are far from confirmed.

Multiple sources claim Apple’s working on an iPhone SE 2 for 2018, but they don’t agree on when the launch will take place. Some claim it’ll happen this summer at WWDC 2018 while other, more credible sources, claim the iPhone SE 2 release date will land much later in the year, if it lands at all.

There’s no guarantee Apple launches a brand new iPhone SE 2 in 2018. Ming-Chi Kuo, a respected analyst that’s accurately predicted Apple products in the past, says “Apple is unlikely to have enough spare resources to develop a new iPhone model for launch in 2Q18.”

That said, French website Consomac has unearthed new Apple iPhone filings in the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) database.

The database includes several unknown iPhone models running iOS 11. They are listed with model numbers A1920, A1921, A1984, A2097, A2098, A2099, A2101, A2103, A2104, A2105 and A2106.

The same site discovered similar filings for an unannounced iPad shortly before the company revealed a revamped 9.7-inch iPad at its spring event in Chicago.

While many of you are better off buying or waiting for another device, some of you might want to wait for the iPhone SE 2. If you’re thinking about waiting, you’ll want to use the time between now and rumored release date to prepare.

Preparing for a phone’s release date can be difficult, particularly if said release date is unconfirmed. That said, there are some things you should think about as we approach Apple’s second hardware release window this summer.

This guide will take you through some steps we think prospective iPhone SE 2 buyers should take right now and in the weeks ahead.

Take a Long Look at the iPhone SE

Take a Long Look at the iPhone SE

Before you commit to waiting for a phone that might not exist, make sure you research the iPhone SE model that does.

Apple’s iPhone SE is getting older, but that doesn’t mean it’s getting worse. In fact, we’d argue that it’s getting better.

Not only is the iPhone SE much cheaper than it once was, it’s still running Apple’s iOS software with ease. We’ve had an excellent experience on the latest version of iOS 11 and the device should only improve once Apple rolls out its iOS 11.4 update.

While Apple is expected to phase some small-screen iPhones (iPhone 5s) out this year, the iPhone SE will almost certainly get upgraded to iOS 12.

There’s also a very good chance it’ll get a major iOS release in 2019 as well. Apple typically delivers four major software updates before pulling the plug. 

The iPhone SE is setup well for the future and it’s a solid choice in 2018. Make sure you go hands-on with it. 

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