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6 Small Screen Android Phones Worth Buying

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In this guide we’ll help you find the best small Android phones worth buying. As you probably know, these days almost every phone released has a huge screen. Bigger isn’t always better, which is why some people prefer small Android phones. The iPhone SE is a perfect example of a good small phone, and Android users want something similar. With that in mind, you’ll be happy to know they do exist, and we’ll help you find one.

It all started in 2011 with the Samsung Galaxy Note, and now every company offers a big phone. From the Galaxy S9 to the OnePlus 5T or Pixel 2 XL. A phone with a 6-inch screen is the new norm. If you want one that’s small, portable and easy to hold, we have you covered. These are phones that don’t look massive next to your ear.

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The problem is most small phones don’t come with high-end specs or the latest features. As a result, you’ll have to buy a massive phone or compromise on features. Don’t worry though, because we have you covered. Luckily there are still a few great options for buyers that we’ll detail below.

The Pixel 2 is one of the best small Android Phones

Best Small Screen Android Phones

  1. Google Pixel 2

  2. Huawei P10

  3. Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017)

  4. Sony Xperia ZX2 Compact

  5. Moto G5 Plus

  6. Nokia 3

The Galaxy S9, LG V30, HTC U11 and Pixel 2 XL all have big screens. However, some of those companies still offer smaller Android devices. Yes, finding a high-end phone with a tiny 3.5-inch screen is impossible, but some can come close.

We’ve found some decent small phones from brands you know and trust. Our small Android phones are either extremely affordable, deliver great battery life, or offer a premium experience in a little package. These are all “small” compared to what else is available, but none have a tiny 4-inch screen like Apple’s iPhone SE. However, the Samsung Galaxy A3 is pretty compact, or theXperia XZ2 Compact. As more phones arrive throughout 2018 we’ll add them to our list.

In closing, most Android phones still have screens around 5-inches or bigger. Sadly, that’s about as small as they come. However, with shrinking bezels and the latest technology, they’re more compact than you think. In fact, the Galaxy A8 (2018) has a big 5.6-inch screen but feels like a 4-inch phone. It’s a good middle ground for potential buyers. We’ve updated this list with the best small screen Android phones available in 2017. Then, we’re expecting some good candidates in May and June as the 2018 summer smartphone season kicks off.   

Google Pixel 2

Google Pixel 2

If you want a phone that isn’t approaching “phablet” territory look no further than the new Google Pixel 2. This small(ish) Android phone delivers a high-end experience across the board, has one of the best smartphone cameras on the market, and runs the absolute latest Android 8.0 Oreo software. 

With the Pixel 2, you’ll get the same fast Snapdragon 835 processor as every other high-end phone on the market. It’s basically a Galaxy S8 in a small package with a 5-inch screen. And while 5-inches isn’t considered “small” to everyone, it’s one of the smallest screens in the Android marketplace here in 2017. 

The Google Pixel 2 delivers a 5-inch 1080p Full HD Samsung AMOLED display, dual front-facing speakers, powerful specs, the latest Android 8.0 Oreo software, and a highly capable 12.3 Megapixel rear camera. Google offers the same portrait mode photography settings as the new iPhone X, on both the front and rear cameras too. 

To round things out, the Pixel 2 features an IP67 dust and water-resistant rating, packs a decent 2,700 mAh battery, and supports fast charging technology. Again, we know this isn’t the smallest device in the world, but it’s the most powerful small Android phone on the market today. 

Buy it Unlocked for any carrier on the Google Store, or from Verizon Wireless

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