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7 Common Call of Duty: WWII Problems & How to Fix Them

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Here’s how you can fix common Call of Duty: WWII problems so that you can get back to playing, stop lag and other connection problems in the new Call of Duty for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The November Call of Duty: WWII 1.05 update arrived with fixes for online play, weapon changes and to deliver the needed update for 2XP weekend, but not everything is rosy in the world of Call of Duty.

We’ll show you how to fix common Call of Duty: WWII problems that would otherwise prevent you from playing or ruin your gaming experience in Call of Duty. These fixes work on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

<figcaption class=" wp-caption-text/>How to fix Call of Duty: WWII problems.

For the first month, expect to see missing pre-order bonuses, crashes, problems playing online and lag. You may also see some Call of Duty: WWII zombies problems, but the good news is you can fix many of them without waiting for the next Call of Duty: WWII update in November.

Call of Duty: WWII Server Problems

<figcaption class=" wp-caption-text/>Yet another Call of Duty: WWII error 4128 stops gamers from playing online.

If there is another series of Call of Duty: WWII server problems that Activision and Sledgehammer Games are working on.

After an abundance of problems over the last 12 hours Sledgehammer Games confirmed that the dedicated servers are offline and that you may see host migrations and other problems as you attempt to play.

We’ve seen the Call of Duty: WWII error code 103295 that signals you cannot connect to any games on and off for the past week. Another Call of Duty: WWII error code is 102434 with a random selection of letters. We may continue to see these through the weekend.

When you see this error you can check on Twitter, but you cannot do anything to fix the problem on your own.

How to Fix Call of Duty: WWII Install Problems

There are two main Call of Duty: WWII installation problems users will run into. The first is that they don’t have enough space on your console. You need to install the game and download a 9GB day one update, and possibly another small update right after it before you can play.

If you don’t have enough space on your Xbox One, PS4 or PC, you need to attach an external hard drive or delete a game from your console’s hard drive. Keep in mind that sometimes a game needs a little space on your internal drive, even if you are installing it to an external drive. Here are the best Xbox One hard drives and best PS4 hard drives to add more space to your console.

<figcaption class=" wp-caption-text/>How to fix Call of Duty: WWII instal problems.

Another issue you may run into is that your Call of Duty: WWII installation freezes. This often happens when you have a download that isn’t working right and it is easy to fix. You can try simply going offline in the network settings, or follow this guide to fix stuck Call of Duty: WWII installs on Xbox One. On the PS4 you should restart your console. If that fails, shut it down completely and then unplug it for 30 to 60 seconds. Then try again.

How to Fix Slow Call of Duty: WWII Downloads

When you are trying to finish your download or download the Call of Duty: WWII patch, you may run into slow downloads that stop you from playing when you want.

If you are on the PS4, you can go to your downloads and pause the download for five seconds and then resume. This often speeds up the download. On the Xbox One you can go to My Games & Apps, go to the Queue, highlight the Call of Duty: WWII download. Press the three line menu button and then choose pause installation. Wait a few seconds and then resume.

You can also try plugging your Xbox One into a wired connection that is often much faster when it comes to downloading large files. You should also make sure no one is watching Netflix or using other streaming services while you download.

How to Fix Stuck on Call of Duty: WWII Loading Screen

We’re hearing reports of gamers who are not able to play. They are stuck on the WW2 loading screen or they see a message that says, “game lobby closed” and they cannot go online to play. You may also see error cod 103294 while attempting to play Call of Duty: WWII.

If this happens you need to keep trying to get back in, or you can find a friend or recent player who is playing and join a lobby through them if you are lucky. This is likely an early issue that will be fixed within a few days or hours.

How to Fix Call of Duty: WWII Crashes and Freezing

The most annoying Call of Duty: WWII problem yet is crashing and freezes while trying to play. This is something Activision and Sledgehammer Games are aware of. While you may need a patch to completely fix it, you can take some steps on your own if Call of Duty: WWII freezes while playing or quits unexpectedly.

When this happens, you will need to restart the game, but you may also need to restart your console or PC so that it doesn’t immediately happen again.

On the PS4 you may see error code Error code CE-34878-0 when this happens. If you see it repeatedly you need to check for updates and make sure your console is up to date. There are some other fixes you can try if this error keeps happening while playing Call of Duty: WWII on PS4.

If Call of Duty: WWII is crashing on Xbox One, you need to make sure your console is up to date and if that doesn’t fix it you may need to clear the cache on your Xbox One. If the game works on another Xbox One, but not on your Xbox One, you should contact Activision for a replacement.

On PC or Steam, you need to check your game drivers and verify the cache integrity on Steam. To do that follow these directions;

  1. Load Steam.

  2. From the Library section, right-click on Call of Duty: WWII and select Properties.

  3. Select the Local Files tab and click the Verify integrity of game cache… button.

  4. Allow Steam will verify the game’s files. This process may take several minutes.

  5. Once the process is completed, the Check Window will automatically exit.

there may be some files that don’t verify. These are often local configuration files that you shouldn’t replace.

How to Fix Call of Duty: WWII Connection Problems

<figcaption class=" wp-caption-text/>How to fix Call of Duty: WWII connection problems.

If you can’t connect to Call of Duty: WWII, the first thing to do is check the server status. Here’s where you can see if the Call of Duty: WWII servers are down. There are separate indicators for PS4, Xbox One and PC. You will also want to check to see if PSN, Xbox Live or Steam are online. We’re not talking about lag here, this is when you can’t get into a game at all.

Most users should try to restart their router, their console and if possible plug into a wired connection. You should also stop using other streaming services or download services.  If you cannot plug in, you may need to upgrade to a better wireless router like the Netgear Nighthawk X4S or look at a whole home wifi system. Another thing to try is exiting the game and looking for a new lobby to join. Sometimes this is enough to get you into a game that works.

Here are the step you can take to fix connection problems on your console;

If you still have problems after following all of those steps you may need to adjust your settings to fix NAT problems or you may need to adjust other settings on your Router. Here’s how to fix NAT issues on Xbox One that can limit online play or this guide that can help you fix PS4 NAT problems. Activision recommends checking that;

UPnP is turned off on your Router to see if that fixes problems.

You may need to set up Port Forwarding and give your console a static IP. here’s more from Activision.

If that fails, you may need to turn off port forwarding and then assign your PS4 or Xbox One’s static IP to your router’s DMZ. Activision says that once you test it, you should remove it from the DMZ.

If you are on a college campus, you may need to contact your local network administrator as they may be locking down some of the ports needed to play online.

How to Fix Call of Duty: WWII Multiplayer Upgrade Problems

<figcaption class=" wp-caption-text/>What to do if you have Call of Duty: WWII code problems for the Multiplayer bonus.

If you pre-ordered Call of Duty: WWII, you should have a Multiplayer Upgrade code that you can use to get a permanent weapon unlock and four hours of double XP. This code should be on your receipt or in your email.

Activision specifically states that if your code does not work, or if it is lost, you need to contact the retailer who you bought Call of Duty: WWII from. They should be able to help you recover your code or get you a new one.

How to Fix Call of Duty: WWII Lag

Activision offers up some tips to fix Call of Duty: WWII lag on your own. They describe the lag in three key ways that will annoy you if they appear in your game. Here’s what they are and how to fix lag and bad performance in Call of Duty: WWII.

  • Rubber banding – Your character is running toward a destination and then jumps back to where it was a few seconds prior.

  • Stuttering – An effect that makes your character appear to freeze and skip ahead while moving.

  • Hit marker delays – When it appears you have landed several shots on an enemy, yet the enemy is able to kill you with fewer shots fired back.

The biggest thing you can do to fix lag is to play on a wired connection. We fixed a lot of lag problems by running a long ethernet cable to the gaming room. While it is an investment in time and a little money it pays off.

They also recommend turning on Quality of Service on your router and adding PSN, Xbox Live or Steam services too it if your router supports this. You can also check to see if your ISP is offering a fast enough connection using built in tools on your console’s networking to check speeds. If someone else is streaming something or downloading a large file, have them stop and see if that fixes the problem. Here’s more from Activision on how to fix lag in Call of Duty: WWII.

Known Call of Duty: WWII Problems

Activision and Sledgehammer share a list of known Call of Duty: WWII problems that they are working on. Here are the outstanding issues and potential workarounds.

I can’t pick up a new Order/Contract.
– All platforms
Some players have reported that they’ve been unable to pick up new Orders or Contracts.Under investigation
I can’t redeem an Order/Contract.
– All platforms
After completing an Order or Contract, some players are unable to redeem it to receive their rewards.Under investigation
I can’t accept an invitation.
– All platforms
Some players are unable to join another player through an invite and receive a message stating “You must select a division…”Under investigation
My classes completely reset.
– All platforms
We’re investigating an issue where classes are resetting after players equip a weapon variant.Under investigation
I’m getting stuck at the end of matches.
– All platforms
After Multiplayer matches, some players are getting stuck on the scoreboard or the After Action Report, and the buttons lose functionality until the next match begins.Under investigation
I haven’t received my digital pre-order content.
– All platforms
Some players have not received bonus content items for pre-ordering a Digital Standard or Digital Deluxe edition of the game.Under investigation
I’ve lost ranks and stats.
– All platforms
We’re aware that some of you have lost ranks in Multiplayer. If you’ve lost ranks, choose your platform below to contact us.Under investigation
I redeemed a code but haven’t received the content in game.
– Xbox One
We’re currently experiencing issues with digital content redemption on Xbox One. Rest assured your items will be delivered to you once this issue is resolved.

For more information about how to access digital content, check out Call of Duty: WWII Bonus Content and Code Support.

Under investigation
I have a bonus content item stuck in the Mail station.
– All platforms
We’re investigating instances where content items collected from the Mail station appear to be stuck in your Mail slots. This is a graphical error; the content has been delivered. Check the Soldier tab to find your content.

For more information about how to access digital content, check out Call of Duty: WWII Bonus Content and Code Support.

Under investigation
I’m experiencing long load times when going to Headquarters.
– All platforms
Headquarters load times are currently under investigation.

PC players have the option of loading the game without entering Headquarters. To do this, follow the steps in the Call of Duty: WWII PC Troubleshooting Guide.

Under investigation
I opened a Supply Drop and got an “Unable to get inventory” error.
– All platforms
This error is due to a connectivity issue. However, the items in your Supply Drop were not lost and should appear in your inventory within 8 hours.

For more information about Supply Drops, check out Call of Duty: WWII Supply Drops and Collection Items.

Under investigation
I opened a Supply Drop and nothing happened.
– All platforms
We’re investigating an issue where nothing appears when opening a Supply Drop. You still received your Supply Drop items and can find them in the Soldier tab.

For more information about how to access digital content, check out Call of Duty: WWII Bonus Content and Code Support.

Under investigation
I redeemed a code for the Multiplayer Upgrade but never received the Prestige Unlock Token.
– All platforms
We’re currently investigating an issue where some players did not receive the Prestige Unlock Token included in the Multiplayer Upgrade.Under investigation

Call of Duty: WWII Season Pass: 3 Reasons to Buy & 3 to Wait

Buy If You’re Going to Play Call of Duty: WWII for a Year or More

Buy If You're Going to Play Call of Duty: WWII for a Year or More

Is Call of Duty: WWII your game? Are you psyched about going back to boots on the ground combat? Fro many people this is the game they will return to over and over throughout the next year, and maybe even longer. 

If you think you will buy all of the maps because you loved the Call of Duty: WWII beta or because you enjoyed your first weekend with the game than you should buy the Season Pass. 

For gamers who are planning to play Call of Duty: WWII for a year, it doesn’t make sense to wait and buy the DLC separately or even to skip one or two of them since that will limit the matchmaking as you get split into a smaller and smaller pool. 

We’re seeing a new Call of Duty, or rather a return to a more classic Call of Duty game and while things could change with updates, if you are hooked on this game, buy the Season Pass now. 

You save $10 over buying the DLC individually, you get a bonus and you may need to wait a long time for a deal. 

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