Monday, September 25, 2017

It’s not just you: Android Messages’ notifications seem broken for some

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Apps like Android Messages can feature all the bells and whistles they want, but if they fail at something as basic as notifying you of an incoming message, then what good are they? Apparently not very for some folks, who are reporting a lack of notifications with the latest version of Android Messages.

Folks have taken to Google Play and the Android subreddit to report that Android Messages no longer notifies them of incoming messages. No number of reboots and resets would fix the issue, which left folks with no other option but to uninstall the app and opt for something else.

A smaller number of people have reported other notification issues with Android Messages, such as receiving duplicate notifications, not letting you know when a message failed to send, and not receiving any messages at all. Someone suggested deleting the contact you are not receiving notifications from as a temporary fix, but we have not tested it ourselves.

It is just a bit depressing that Google looks to have rolled out an update to its widely-used messaging app that broke part of its functionality. Android Messages is featured in millions of devices out there, and while not every one of their owners actually use it, there is still a considerable number of people that rely on it for their messaging needs.

Google will surely push out an update that will address Android Messages’ broken notification system, but in the meantime, it might be best to download another messaging client. You can check out what we deemed to be the 10 best texting and SMS apps for Android if you are looking to do just that.

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