Monday, August 7, 2017

iOS 11 Release & Time: 5 Things to Expect & 4 Things Not To

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Apple’s iOS 11 release plans are still extremely vague so we want to help fill in some blanks as we push through the month of August.

The iOS 11 release date is confirmed for the fall though Apple hasn’t announced an official release date. With no media event in sight it’ll probably be a few more weeks before we get a firm date for the worldwide release.

The company’s iOS 11 beta has revealed several key bits of information but there are still quite a few important details missing in action as we press on toward launch.

As we move into the summer months it’s important for iPhone and iPad users to set correct expectations about the iOS 11 beta and the final iOS 11 release later this year.

For instance, we probably won’t get a new iOS 11 beta update every week and we most likely won’t see Apple release the final version of iOS 11 in December.

Some parts of the iOS 11 release are difficult to predict. That said, we’re able to fill in some gaps using Apple’s iOS release protocol and our experience covering iOS updates and iOS betas.

This guide outlines what to expect from the iOS 11 release date, release time, and the beta. It also goes over a few things you shouldn’t expect from Apple and its next upgrade.

These predictions will help average iPhone and iPad users, people new to the iOS operating system, and those of who’ve never followed a beta set realistic expectations.

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