Wednesday, August 2, 2017

7 Best OnePlus 5 Screen Protectors

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In this buying guide we’ll explain why it is a good idea to get a OnePlus 5 screen protector and share a list of the best OnePlus 5 screen protectors available. A good screen protector can prevent broken screens or scratches and keep your display looking new.

Yes, the OnePlus 5 screen is resilient but it is far from scratch-proof. Additionally, the phone has a 3D curved edge to the glass that’s more susceptible to damage. That’s why we recommend getting a good screen protector for your OnePlus.

There are several different styles of screen protection for the OnePlus 5. From cheap films to expensive tempered and curved glass. We’ve found some priced as low as $7.85, which is far cheaper than the $200 plus it will cost to replace a damaged display. You’ll need to spend about $20 to get a strong glass screen protector from OnePlus themselves or other reputable brands.

We recommend a screen protector for the OP5

Obviously buying a good screen protector from a trusted name and brand is the best route, but even spending $8 on a cheap film is better than nothing. Especially for those who’d rather not use a case. The cheapest options are thin films, while the most expensive screen protectors use glass. Tempered glass is scratch resistant and more durable than cheaper films.

However, some tempered glass protectors may not fit the slight curve to the edge of the glass perfectly, which we’ll address in the slideshow below. The screen isn’t curved like the Galaxy S8, but there’s a slight curve for usability reasons. It’s this, that causes some screen protectors to not work as intended.

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If you bought a case for the OnePlus 5 a screen protector is still recommended. Many skip it, but a case doesn’t protect the screen from keys in a pocket or life’s daily hazards. Using both a screen protector and a case will offer plenty insurance against wear and tear.

OnePlus 5 screen protectors are available from popular brands like SuperShieldz, Orzly, Skinomi, IQShield and even OnePlus themselves. We expect more options in the near future, but for now, choose one from the slideshow below. While you’re here, consider one of these cases for absolute protection.

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