Tuesday, May 2, 2017

NVIDIA Shield TV and tablet owners can sign up for its new Preview Program

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NVIDIA is giving owners of its Shield TV set-top box with Android TV, along with its older Shield tablet devices, a way to get some early access to upcoming software updates. The company has revealed its Shield Preview Program, which will let those device users try out new features and enhancements before they are officially released.

Nvidia is raking it in and looks set to continue

February 10, 2017

Specifically, this program will let owners download early builds of Shield Experience software, and they can provide feedback about those updates to company reps, along with other members of the program, via a private discussion forum. NVIDIA adds that members of this program will get “release candidate quality” builds, but admits that some people could experience some minor software issues.

If you own a NVIDIA Shield TV or tablet, and want to try out some early software updates before they are officially released, you can sign up for the Preview Program at the link below. You first have to be a member of the official NVIDIA Shield forums, because you will need your forum email address and display name to register for the program. You will also need to register your Shield device serial number and product ID as well. Keep in mind that if you happen to own more than one Shield product, you will have to enroll each device in the Preview Program separately.

Will you take the plunge and enter your NVIDIA Shield product in the Preview Program? Let us know what you plan to do in the comments!

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