Friday, May 5, 2017

Best Surface Laptop Deals

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Surface Laptop deals are slowly starting to flood in. Pre-orders for the new notebook from Microsoft opened earlier this week ahead of its release this coming summer and you can already save up to $150 and you can get freebies too.

Microsoft announced the Surface Laptop on May 2nd. Since then, the company has confirmed the Surface Laptop release date as June 15th. It is hoping to get the device available to everyone ahead of Back to School sales and promotions for the new school year. Surface Laptop is so sleek and thin that some college students may want to purchase it instead of the 2016 MacBook after comparing the two.

The best Surface Laptop deals can save you lots of cash.

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Surface Laptops pre-orders start at $999. They get more expensive the more storage space and RAM buyers add to them. Anyone interested in purchasing a Surface Laptop will need to spend at least $1,299 to get one of the devices in a color other than silver. Thankfully, the best Surface Laptop deals can help keep prices down and save shoppers money.

Best Surface Laptop Deals

Here are the best Surface Laptop deals available now. More deals on the laptop could arrive ahead of pre-orders in June.

Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store’s best Surface Laptop deals don’t offer much of a discount on the price. Instead, they offer big savings on software and software upgrades that college students might otherwise find themselves purchasing separately. To be clear, buyers at other retailers get the free Office 365 and Windows 10 Pro upgrade.

Free Office 365 Personal

Anyone that purchases a Surface Laptop before October 15th gets a free year of Microsoft Office 365 Personal. That’s savings of $69.99. Microsoft Office 365 Personal is $6.99 a month after the offer has expired. Office 365 includes OneDrive storage, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and OneNote.

Free Windows 10 Pro Upgrade

Windows 10 Pro comes free to anyone that purchases a Surface Laptop in 2017. The notebook comes with Windows 10 Pro S, a version of Windows 10 that prevents users from installing things like iTunes and Photoshop through a web browser. Buyers can only get their apps from the Windows Store without the free upgrade. Windows 10 Pro upgrades will cost $50 after this deal expires.

10% Microsoft Education Discount

Microsoft Store has Surface Laptop pre-orders available now. Using the Microsoft Education discount, students and educators can save 10% on the Surface Laptop. Those taking advantage of this savings will have to provide information about their school or university before the discount can be applied.

Best Buy

Surface Laptop deals at Best Buy are just as compelling as the savings offered by Microsoft. Best Buy shoppers won’t get the same education discount. However, the savings there does include the free Office 365 Personal and free Windows 10 Pro upgrade.

$50 Best Buy Gift Card with Surface Laptop Pre-Order

Placing a Surface Laptop pre-order gets shoppers a $50 gift card at Best Buy. The gift card gets added to the buyer’s cart regardless of what Surface Laptop they choose to buy. Best Buy is careful to note that it will not make this Surface Laptop deal available to shoppers in its stores. Gift Cards at Best Buy can be used for Surface accessories and unrelated items.

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Free Setup & Transfer

Best Buy Surface Laptop deals include more than discounts. The company’s Geek Squad technicians will set up Surface Laptops for free. They will also transfer any files that buyers have from their old PC to their new PC.

$100 Off Surface Laptops

The best of the available Surface Laptop deals is Best Buy’s $100 off coupon. Signing up for the company’s College Student Deals program gets shoppers the $100 in savings. The discount is only for “select Surfaces.” Thankfully, that includes the Surface Laptop.

Surface Laptops could prove very popular. Potential buyers should try to get their Surface Laptop pre-orders in as soon as possible. Some very compelling Surface Pro 4 deals are available for those that want a tablet that can replace a laptop.

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