Friday, April 14, 2017

This experimental e-book gets edited every time it changes hands

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“Frankly, after 20 owners it will be unreadable,” Tea Uglow, the book’s author and creative director of Google’s Creative Lab in Sydney, told Wired.

All of the changes people make are saved in a public database that uses a technology called blockchain. Traditionally used to document financial transactions, it stores records in timestamped “blocks.” With it, you can track who’s read each book and see how they changed it, starting with the original text Uglow wrote.

“The story erodes with each owner, and through this process a notional value of the work increases,” Uglow wrote in a Medium post. “In the same way as any book will eventually fall apart, accumulate marks and fade. Books grow in value (both emotional or financial) as they age and we are interested to see if the same can be true of a digital book (or a digital ‘anything’).”

A Universe Explodes is an experiment in ownership. What does it mean to “own” something in the digital age? When you buy an e-book from, say, Amazon, it’s technically not yours. You have a license agreement to view it, but Amazon can revoke it at any time. But if you interact with something in a creative way, does that then make it yours? It’s an interesting concept, for sure. If you’d like to read A Universe Explodes yourself, it’s published by Editions at Play. Many copies don’t have owners yet, but there’s apparently a wait list. We’ve contacted the publishers to find out how to get on that list, and we’ll update this story if we hear back.

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