Thursday, April 6, 2017

Sprint will cut the cost of the LG G6 in half with its monthly payment plan

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The LG G6 has been available for pre-order for just a few weeks, but one wireless carrier is already offering to cut the cost of this new flagship device by half. Sprint announced today that when the G6 officially goes on sale on Friday, April 7, it will offer customers a way to get it for $14.75 a month for 24 months with its payment plan. That’s 50 percent off the phone’s normal $29.50 per month payment level, and it means Sprint customers will ultimately only pay $354 for the G6.

LG G6 pricing and availability

7 days ago

The offer is being made for new Sprint customers who sign up for the carrier’s Unlimited Freedom plan, or for current customers who are are eligible for an upgrade. This price is being offered for a limited time only, but Sprint did not announce a specific date for this promotion to end.

This new price cut appears to be a replacement for an earlier promotional offer by Sprint for the LG G6. The carrier previously announced that people who pre-ordered the phone through today (April 6) would be able to get a free 49-inch 1080p LG HDTV, valued at $349.99, with their purchase. Again, that offer is ending today, in case you would rather get a free TV versus a price cut on the phone itself.

Sprint is also still participating in LG’s offer to send a free Google Home connected speaker, valued at $129, to G6 buyers. In fact, Sprint’s deal lasts longer than the other carriers. The free Google Home is offered if you buy the device through May 11 via Sprint, versus April 30 for the other US carriers.

If you were still thinking about getting the LG G6, will this latest move by Sprint convince you to get the phone from the carrier? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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