Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Prototype Genesis SUV melds hydrogen and plug-in power

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The interior is just as much of a showcase. We’ve seen large displays in cars before (see: Tesla), but the GV80 has a 22-inch curved OLED display that “cascades” into the instrument cluster. It’s not just for the sake of the usual concept car drama — the panel is divided into driver and passenger zones that deliver unique experiences. The multi-function controller in the center of the cabin includes a touchpad with handwriting recognition, and there are metal “strings” that let passengers toggle their side of the display without distracting the driver.

As with most concepts, you can’t count on the GV80 entering production. Genesis characterizes this as indicative of its “athletic” design strategy for future vehicles, so it’s entirely possible that this will either change dramatically or won’t be built at all. Given that it’s the company’s first SUV concept of any kind, though, it won’t be shocking if you see some take on the GV80 arriving in dealerships. As it is, Hyundai at large is eager to catch up on green transportation options. A plug-in hydrogen car would signal that the company means business, even if it wouldn’t directly compete with pure electric options like Tesla’s Model X.

Genesis GV80 Concept interior

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