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How to Turn Off the Galaxy S8 Always On Display

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Whether it’s just distracting or you want better battery life, this guide will explain how to disable the Galaxy S8 always on display. Samsung’s new phone is loaded with features. From the curved edges of the screen, IP68 water resistance, micro-SD cards, and more. But if you don’t want the screen on 24/7, so here’s how to turn off that feature.

Following a March 29th announcement and April 21st release the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are now available. As millions get their new phone many will have questions and concerns. Here’s the first 10 settings to change, then read on for the quick how to guide.

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When you turn off the Galaxy S8 or S8+ screen, it’s still on. A small area displays the time, date, battery level and even some notifications. It’s called an “Always-on Display” but it’s not for everyone. It also moves occasionally which can be very distracting. Here’s how to customize or disable this neat feature.

Always on displays have been around for a while with Motorola and others. It wasn’t until the Galaxy S7 in 2016 that Samsung made it mainstream. Now, all of their flagship phones support the popular feature. And while some may be concerned with battery life because of it, don’t be. Samsung claims it uses under 5% battery life over the course of an 8-10 hour work day.

Between the efficient processor the the AMOLED display being able to light up small areas, it won’t affect battery life much. That said, if this option is distracting, too bright at night, or you just want to squeeze more battery from your phone it can be disabled.

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Based on studies the average user turns their phone on over 150 times a day. Often just to check the time, weather or look at notifications. Rather than turn the entire phone on, let the Always-On display show this information at a glance. In the end it should actually save you battery life.

That all said, if you still don’t want to use the always on display lets change or turn it off.

How to Disable the Galaxy S8 Always On Display

Thankfully almost every aspect of this device is customizable. Samsung really delivered. In settings you’ll find options, controls, or on/off switches for just about everything.

To disable the always on display feature we quickly need to head into Settings > Lock Screen & Security > Always On Display > and flip the switch to OFF. That’s it. Here are more details and some screenshots to help you disable it.

  1. Pull down the notification bar and hit the gear-shaped settings button

  2. Find and select Lock screen & Security

  3. Flip OFF the option for Always On Display

  4. Or tap Always On Display for more options

It only takes a few taps in settings to disable this in the settings menu. Now the screen will completely turn off and show nothing. That said, users will need to tap the power button in order to quickly check notifications and such.

With the Galaxy S7 Edge this is one of those features I disabled at first. Then later realized how great it is and turned it back on with some personal customization options. It even works with some 3rd party apps and services. So using a different text app like Textra will still show on the AOD. It even dims to a lower setting in a dark room or at night, and brighter during the day, making it easy to see at all times. Basically, it’s worth using.

Above is an image of some of the options available for owners. There’s no way to manually control the brightness or add new widgets (like a weather icon) but it’s still worth recommending. Users can choose between 7-8 different clocks, backgrounds, calendars and more. There are even new “facewidgets” where you can tap the clock and swipe over for more options, like music controls without waking up the device. Neat, right.

Samsung also manually updates the Always-On Display app throughout the year with more features or options. So more could be coming soon. For now, give it a try, or disable it with our instructions above.

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