Sunday, April 9, 2017

Carrie Fisher will be in 'Star Wars: Episode IX' without use of CG

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It’s not certain just how Carrie would be incorporated into this third movie in the current trilogy. She had already shot her General Leia parts for Episode VIII, so there’s definitely more we haven’t seen. However, the absence of CG means that the producers may have to be very selective with the footage they use and write scenes around these limitations.

However it’s accomplished (assuming it goes ahead as planned), the approach is a stark contrast to Rogue One‘s heavy use of CG to recreate actors in their Episode IV heyday. It’s not necessarily a backlash against CG stand-ins, but it does reflect the delicate nature of using them — are you paying tribute to legendary figures, or tarnishing their legacy? In this case, it’s clear that Disney would rather exercise caution than insist on using technology to preserve its intended storyline.

[Thanks, Kristy]

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