Thursday, April 13, 2017

Best LG G6 Quick Chargers

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When it comes to enjoying your new LG G6 owners will want the fastest charger possible. Giving you more time to use it and less time waiting. With that in mind, here we’ve gathered a list of the best LG G6 quick chargers and other charging accessories.

LG’s latest is loaded with fancy features, two cameras on back, a micro-SD slot, water-resistance and a huge screen. One feature many don’t know about or realize is that it supports quick charging. Using the included wall plug or the right charger mentioned below, it will charge faster than almost any phone you’ve ever owned.

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Quick Charge, Turbo Charging or Fast Charging are all names manufacturers use. It’s the latest in battery charging technology. Mainly because the actual size of batteries aren’t getting any bigger. That said, read on for more details and some of the best chargers to buy.

Stop an app using your LG G6 battery life too much.

Quick Charging allowing the battery in your LG G6 to turbo charge at an extremely quick pace when it’s nearly depleted. Going from 0-80% in roughly 35 minutes. Which is crazy fast. Then the remaining 20% trickle charges to preserve the life of your battery.

Thanks to LG using the Snapdragon 821 processor and a technology called Quick Charge 3.0, we don’t have to wait 2+ hours to get a full battery. The only problem is you actually need a QC 3.0 certified wall charger in order to get those speeds.

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Luckily the charger that comes in the box with the LG G6 supports fast charging, but most owners are going to want a few extras. One for your bedroom or home office, work, and even a Quick Charge certified car charger. All of these will give you an optimal experience. Rather than waiting two hours for a full battery.

With the LG G5 last year the phone had this capability, but many models didn’t have a fast charger in the box. This year though, LG fixed that mistake and gives every owner their first fast charger. As a result the phone charges up to 40% faster than older devices.

That all sounds great right? Having the LG G6 go from dead to 80% battery after a quick 30 minute drive home or while you get ready for a night out. If so, buy one of the multiple Quick Charge certified LG G6 chargers we’ve detailed below. As a reminder, if it isn’t “Quick Charge 3.0” certified, it may not offer the fastest speeds possible. So choose the right one.

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