Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Best Fast Wireless Chargers for the Galaxy S8

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The stunning new Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ have huge Infinity displays and tons of features. As a result owners will need accessories, cases, and extra chargers. One feature many don’t know about or forget is fast wireless charging. Here’s what you need to know and a list of the best Galaxy S8 wireless charging pads.

Multiple phones support wireless charging, but it wasn’t until the Galaxy Note 5 did “Fast Wireless Charging” arrive. Allowing phones to recharge without wires at nearly the same speed as the wall charger that comes in the box.

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There are two different methods of wireless charging, PMA like at some coffee shops, and Qi which is the most popular method. Luckily the Galaxy S8 and S8+ work with both. It’s an awesome and convenient feature you won’t want to miss. As a result, we’d recommend buying one of the many wireless charging pads detailed below.

As we said above, wireless charging used to be slow and impractical, but very convenient. Galaxy S8 owners will get the best of both worlds though. As long as they buy a fast wireless charger. Below we’ve round up a collection of the best charging pads from brands we know, use and trust. Samsung has a few great choices, and others do too.

Fast Wireless Charging increased the speed of wireless chargers by 1.4x and increased the power output. Combine that with the new USB Type-C cable, and it’s faster than ever before. Making wireless charging a feature owners will actually want to use. Not just a convenience.

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Now owners won’t have to choose between charging their smartphone quick with the wired charging that came in the box, or easy wireless charging at a slower rate. Fast Wireless is around 50-60 minutes faster than before, and only a hair slower than the wall charger.

Of course the actual charging pad is still using a wire, because we’re not that far into the future yet. Owners will need to use the wall plug and cable that comes in the box with the Galaxy S8, or buy one of the third party options mentioned below. Samsung’s own Fast Wireless Charging Convertible Pad is our first choice, but there are others at a fraction of the cost. Lets get started.

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