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6 Best Surface Pro 4 Keyboards

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Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 improved on a concept almost no one thought was possible a few years ago. For years, the company had tried to convince its hardware partners to create tablets that ran Windows. For all the work it put into the form factor, the company had little to show for it in 2012. The original Surface Pro promised users a tablet that could double as their notebook. It wasn’t until the Surface Pro 4 release that this vision was truly realized, and we have Surface Pro 4 keyboards to thank for that some of the line’s success.

Without the best Surface Pro 4 keyboards, Microsoft’s major foray into making its own hardware is just a tablet with an Intel processor inside. It’s the Surface Pro 4 keyboards that allow the device to morph into a notebook. Their glass-like trackpads give users a way to navigate Windows with precision. Their keyboards make it convenient to type long emails and create documents without pecking away on the touchscreen keyboard built into Windows 10.

The best Surface Pro 4 keyboards will have you equipped for any situation that comes your way.

Why You Need a Surface Pro 4 Keyboard

Some people find it astonishing that anyone would need a Surface Pro 4 keyboard. After all, if the point of buying a Surface Pro 4 is to have a powerful, well-made Windows tablet, a keyboard would seem counterintuitive. These people don’t understand Surface Pro’s mandate. These tablets don’t exist to be better at entertainment features than the iPad. They exist to make users more productive and give them the tools they need for any situation that might arise. Hence, the need for a keyboard cover that has a precision trackpad and keys. You use what makes sense, whether that be touch, digital pen or a keyboard.

Microsoft makes plenty of Surface Pro 4 keyboards themselves. One of these keyboards has a fingerprint sensor so that users can sign in. This keyboard is meant as a replacement for those that aren’t comfortable signing into their machine with the Surface Pro 4’s Windows Hello camera sensor. Another keyboard has a softer texture than the standard Surface Pro 4 keyboards. This keyboard can also be customized with NFL team logos. All of them have something in common: they don’t come with the Surface Pro 4.

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Luckily, that leaves room for Surface Pro 4 keyboards from other companies. Two of the most exciting keyboard accessories for Surface Pro 4 to be announced recently aren’t made by Microsoft at all. One offers a more reasonable purchase price than the Microsoft-made covers. The other introduces wireless technology into the mix.

Here are the best Surface Pro 4 keyboards.

Best Surface Pro 4 Keyboards

  • Surface Keyboard

  • Surface Pro 4 Type Cover

  • Surface Pro 4 Type Cover with Fingerprint Reader

  • Brydge 12.3 Surface Pro 4 Keyboard

  • MoKo Surface Pro 4 Keyboard

  • Surface Pro 4 Signature Type Cover

Surface Keyboard – $99

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 Surface Keyboard - $99

The $99 Surface Keyboard is probably not what you expected to find when you went searching for potential Surface Pro 4 keyboards. It doesn’t lock into the port on the bottom edge of your Surface Pro 4. It won’t protect your screen either. So, what does it offer?

The Surface Keyboard offers the Surface Pro 4 typing experience but in wireless keyboard form. It’s designed to complement the Surface Studio, but it’s Bluetooth. It works just as well with any other Windows PC, including the Surface Pro 4. If you are fond of the Surface Pro 4 Type Cover’s keyboard layout and texture, this Surface Keyboard should complement your setup nicely. You can use it at your desk and the Surface Type Cover when you’re away from home.

[ Buy the Surface Keyboard from the Microsoft Store for $99.99 ]

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