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19 Pokémon GO Problems & How to Fix Them

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Pokémon GO stole hearts and amazed casual gamers when it debuted back in 2016. Teased for roughly a solid year, the augmented reality game went on to inspire a new generation of Pokemon Trainers. That’s not to say that there weren’t Pokémon GO problems to contend with. There still are.Pokemon Go

Pokémon GO is free to play. You don’t take on the mantle of a character from the game’s story. You’re not transported to a new region in the game’s mythos to explore. Instead, you create your own Trainer. Once that’s done, you explore your real neighborhood and surroundings in search of creatures to capture. Once you’ve captured and trained them, you can leave them at Gyms scattered around your neighborhood to defend your team’s landmarks.

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Here is a run-down of Pokémon GO problems that users have reported with the game so far. If one exists, there’s a fix too.

Pokémon GO Problems

  1. Blue Screen When Loading

  2. Only Catching Creatures from the Early Line-Up

  3. Battery Drain Caused by the Game

  4. No Pokémon Near You

  5. Game Doesn’t Have Accurate Location Information

  6. Pokémon GO Won’t Install

  7. Pokémon GO Won’t Open

  8. Pokémon GO Says GPS NOT FOUND

  9. Battery Issues

  10. Deleting Your Pokémon GO Account

  11. Trainer Back at Level 1

  12. Missing Items Purchased with Gold

  13. Freezing When Capturing Pokémon

  14. Pokémon Don’t Look as if They’re Around You

  15. Pokémon GO Server Issues

  16. Can’t Change Your Trainer Name

  17. You Are Going Too Fast

  18. Can’t See PokeStops, Gyms or Creatures

  19. You’ve Been Banned from Pokémon GO for Cheating



Blue Screen When Loading

Since the launch of the latest major update, some players have noticed their game freezing when they first open it. A blue screen surfaces then nothing else happens. It’s one of the most frustrating Pokémon GO problems making the rounds.

To get past this, try holding down the multitasking button once your game has gotten stock. On Android, this is the square button on the right side of your screen at the bottom.  On iPhone, double tap the Home button. After a few moments, open the game again.

Only Catching Creatures from the Early Line-Up

Pokémon GO, as it exists today, focuses on just the creatures that made their debut in Pokémon Red, Pokémon Blue, Pokémon Yellow, Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver. 

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It’s pretty much a given that the number of creatures will greatly expand until the game has every current generation creature. Originally, it only offered creatures from Pokémon Blue and Pokémon Red.


Battery Drain Caused by the Game

Pokémon GO works by using the GPS sensors in your device to track your location. It’s also dependent on your internet connection. What this means is that you’ll absolutely notice some battery drain with the game. That simply can’t be helped. How much of a battery drain varies.

For now, if you believe the battery drain caused by Pokémon GO is out of hand, you’ll need to avoid playing the game until it can be addressed. Some suggest keeping a backup battery in your pocket for when your device runs low on power but you want to continue capturing creatures and securing Gyms.

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No Pokémon Near You

If you have managed to get Pokémon GO installed, chances are that you see PokeStops, Gyms and creatures all around you on your map. Some users report that this isn’t the case though. It’s another one of those often complained about Pokémon GO problems.

When this happens, there’s nothing to do but email Niantic highlighting how few creatures are showing up in your region. Their locations are generated by the game itself.

Users that have installed the game in a region where it’s not yet supported also report getting this issue. In that case, the best thing to do is to wait to play the game until it’s ready for launch in your territory.

Pokemon Go Battle Images (1)

Game Doesn’t Have Accurate Location Information

Niantic reports that users should be connected to an internet connection to help narrow down their location. Not doing so could result in some unspecific location tracking.

Be sure that your mobile data or wireless network connection is enabled.

Pokémon GO Won’t Install

Pokémon GO has some very specific requirements with Android hardware. First, you can install the game on a tablet, but it may not work correctly.

Second, users need at least 2GB of RAM on their Android smartphone or tablet. Those with an Intel processor in their Android device won’t be able to play the game. Third, devices need to be running Android 4.4 or later.

If your device doesn’t meet those requirements and Pokémon GO won’t install, the only thing that you can do is try the game again once you’ve purchased a new smartphone.

Apple users need an iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch running iOS 8.0.

Pokémon GO Won’t Open

The launch of Pokemon GO was a success. At least, that’s if you’re examining the number of people that downloaded the game. Pokémon GO problems persist. Randomly, the game will boot users or fail to log them in. That’s despite it being available in their territory. This happens when the game’s servers get overloaded.


GPS Not Found

Pokémon uses internet connectivity and GPS technology to pin down where you are in the real world. When GPS location isn’t present, the other picks up the slack. At least, that’s what should happen.


Some users are getting error notifications saying “GPS Not Found.” This is another issue that frequently surfaces in conversations about Pokémon GO problems. It turns out that some Android devices don’t come with GPS technology turned on; users actually have to activate it. Look in Settings to enable GPS tracking. in Android 5.0, the feature is controlled by a switch within the Privacy and Settings area inside the Settings app.

Pokémon Battery Issues

Though some battery drain is to be expected, it appears that there’s a bug making it even worse on some devices.

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It’s a good idea for users having battery drain issues to pick up a battery pack for their smartphone. Gotta Be Mobile recently rounded up the most impressive quick charge battery chargers in Best Quick Charge Portable Battery Packs

Deleting Your Pokémon GO Account

Recently, concerns of Pokémon GO asking for too much access to personal data has surfaced. It doesn’t appear that Niantic is using data, but some would rather be safe. In How to Remove Your Pokemon GO Accountwe walk you through the process of removing your account from the game.

Trainer Back at Level 1

If you log back into the game, only to find that your progress is gone, chances are you actually have two accounts. Try logging out of the game, then logging back in using a Trainer Club Account or Google Account, depending on which you’ve already tried.


Missing Items Purchased With Gold

If your account is missing things that you’ve purchased through the Shop — like Gold — Niantic recommends signing out of your account from the Settings area and signing back in. If that doesn’t work, try restarting your device. This is one of the more frustrating Pokémon GO problems. You’ve paid money for in-game items and want it as quickly as possible.

Freezing When Capturing Pokémon

On Apple’s iPhones, users report that Pokemon GO freezes consistently when simply trying to complete a capture. Why this happens is unclear, but Reddit users report that switching their LTE connection in the Cellular settings from on to off solves the problem. Without LTE the game can still use the rest of the cellular network to connect.

Users with other smartphones report the issue happens on Android too, and that force closing the app usually results in the creature being added to their inventory. If you decide to do this. Tap on the icon of you in the bottom-left corner, then open the Journal to see if your capture was successful after a freeze.

Pokémon Don’t Look as if They’re Around You

If your device is powerful enough to run Pokemon GO but is missing some essential hardware, the game downgrades itself to allow you to play. For the full experience, your device needs an internet connection, a GPS sensor and a compass. Without the compass and GPS sensor, you end up with a paired down version of the game that doesn’t require you to look around a room and search for the creatures.

Pokémon GO Server Issues

Frequently, Pokemon GO suffers from huge server outages as millions try to log into the game at the same time. Before planning to go on the hunt for new creatures, go ahead and use the Pokemon GO Sever Status website to see if others are having problems. Unfortunately, the issues are something Niantic will have to address over time.

Can’t Change Your Trainer Name

Niantic uses a lot of different tricks and features to make you feel like you’re a real-life Trainer. One of them is character personlization, you can customize your Trainer’s look and give them a name of your own creation. Unfortunately, you couldn’t change that name once the game started.

Beginning with the latest Pokemon GO update, you can. If you frequently get errors when trying to change your account name, it’s because that name is probably already taken by another Trainer. The game will tell you if that’s the case.

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If the game doesn’t allow you to change your account name at all, it’s because you already changed your name before. Niantic says that you can only change it once so there’s not fix for that Pokémon GO problem.

You Are Going Too Fast Error Message

With the most recent update to Pokemon GO, a new notification pops-up asking players to slow down. Because the game can detect how fast the player is moving, it knows when they aren’t on foot. Pokemon GO can’t be played while operating a car or other motor vehicle.

A new “I’m a Passenger” button lets you override the driving notice. Only do so if you’re actually a passenger.

Can’t See PokeStops, Gyms or Creatures

Some Pokémon GO problems can effectively break the game. Some users report not being able to see any PokeStops, Gyms or Creatures in their area.

If you live in a suburban or rural area, you might not see any PokeStops or Gyms because nothing in your immediate area was marked as a significant landmark by Niantic for the game. There’s nothing you can really do about that.

If you were able to see a Gym or PokeStop before, but can’t see it now, try force closing the game.

On the iPhone, double-tap on the Home button, then swipe up to close the app. Now open it again. On Android hold the back button down until you see the multitasking menu. Now close the game from there. Then open it again.

Note that some PokeStops and Gyms could have been removed on purpose by Niantic at the request of residents or businesses.

You’ve Been Banned from Pokémon GO for Cheating

Problems with cheating cropped up almost immediately after Pokémon GO became available to the public in final form. Some players used GPS tricks to make the game think that they were in a different location than they actually were. Some enterprising users have created bots specifically made to capture more creatures in the game. Using either will get you permanently banned from Pokémon GO. 

Niantic confirmed in a recent update to the Pokémon GO website that users who receive emails claiming that they’ve been banned from the game for cheating, actually are getting banned. The game’s systems are automatically looking for cheaters now, and locking the accounts of offenders forever.

In September 2016, the studio confirmed it had disabled the game for users that hacked or rooted their smartphones and tablets. When an account is banned or blocked, Niantic doesn’t refund any money spent in its shop, unfortunately.

Gotta Be Mobile will continue to add to this list of Pokémon GO problems and fixes as new issues arrive and we all learn more about its quirks.

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