Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The next version of Chrome will add support for fullscreen Progressive Web Apps

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Android users will soon get a new version of Google’s Chrome web browser. Chrome 58, which is currently available in Google’s beta channel, will of course have a number of improvements and one of them should offer a better way to view Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) in the browser.

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January 3, 2017

As detailed on the company’s Chromium blog, the current stable version of Chrome launches PWAs, but they still show the typical system bars when they run inside the browser. This could be annoying when these kinds of apps are running videos or are game-based apps, where you would like to ditch those bars. Chrome 58 will let PWAs get rid of those system bars, due to giving app developers the ability to add the “display: fullscreen” option in their web app manifest.

In addition to adding fullscreen PWAs, Google says Chrome 58 will be able to fully support the IndexedDB 2.0 standard, which it says should make it easier for users to work with large data sets in the browser. Also, developers will be able to use the new iframe sandbox keyword “allow-top-navigation-by-user-activation”. This will be handy for web developers who want to put in third-party content, such as ads, inside sandboxed iframes. Chrome 58 should be released in the stable channel sometime in late April or early May, but if you want you can download the beta version right now in the Google Play Store.

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