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LG G6 Release Date Breakdown

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The all-new LG G6 is finally about to be released in the US and it could be one of the sleekest looking smartphones ever. LG ditched the modular gimmick from last year and delivered a well-rounded premium device for 2017. It will compete with the Galaxy S8. Here, in an effort to help those looking to buy this stunner, we breakdown the LG G6 release date in the US and abroad.

After months of leaks and rumors on February 26th the LG G6 was unveiled in Spain. Completely replacing last years model with something bigger, better, faster and water-resistant. It has a huge 5.7-inch display, some of the smallest bezels we’ve ever seen, and a beautiful premium metal design. This could be their best smartphone yet.

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Pre-orders will officially kick off starting March 17th from select US carriers, and tons of deals are going to follow. It will retail for $650 and more. Our initial hands-on with the phone had us very impressed, and soon you’ll have one too. So when is it coming, when can you pre-order and for how much? Read on for more details.

Last year the LG G5 was announced at Mobile World Congress in Spain, too, but released well over a month later in April. For 2017 with the stunning new LG G6, the company is doing something similar. It went on sale in South Korea on March 10th, but everywhere else has a little longer to wait.

During the announcement LG wasn’t able to share full details and carrier pricing, but now that we’re halfway through March everything is finally official. This is the LG G6 release date breakdown and everything buyers need to know.

LG G6 Release Date

The new LG G6 release date was official March 10th, in select regions. Yes, it’s a bummer, but it’ll be here soon enough. This is an excellent phone that is worth the wait, and we can now confirm it will be available in the US starting on March 30th from Verizon, and April 7th with everyone else.

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You’ll be able to officially buy the LG G6 from Verizon in stores and online starting March 30th, with pre-orders being even earlier. Then AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and locations like Best Buy will have it from April 7th. Similar dates are being mentioned for other regions outside the US.

The LG G6 is the first phone to ship with the Google Assistant

The LG G6 is available in their home country of South Korea first, on March 10th. All said and done, it will be on sale for US buyers within the next two weeks. It’s officially LG G6 time, while we still wait for the Galaxy S8.

U.S. Carriers

All major carriers in the United States will carry the LG G6, as well as many smaller regional operators such as US Cellular. All of them have made announcements, except for Sprint and smaller options. For more details head to Verizon, AT& or T-Mobile’s website. Sprint does have a landing page.

We can even expect bundled deals and lots of discounts. In fact, everyone who buys the LG G6 will get a free Google Home with the Google Assistant. Verizon is giving away a free TV and AT&T has a buy one get one free promo.

Formal announcements have been made by AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and more will surely follow. Even Google is excited about it, giving it the Google Assistant and talking about the G6 on Twitter.

Simply follow us on Twitter or watch the official @LGUSAMobile for more details as they are announced. Or, read on for additional details about the pre-order dates and pricing.

LG G6 Pre-Orders

The G6 was officially released “globally” on March 10th, but in the US that date is misleading. Instead, pre-orders will begin very late on March 16th and March 17th for all major carriers.

Just know that you can pre-order this week but it won’t be available for another 2-3 weeks unless you buy it early with Verizon Wireless.

LG G6 Pre-Order Dates & Times

  • AT&T and Verizon: March 17th at Midnight

  • T-Mobile: March 17th (no exact time given)

  • Sprint: Will update when provided with more information

In the past we’ve seen LG smartphones available first on T-Mobile, ahead of all other US carriers by at least a week or so. Instead, Verizon got that exclusive this year. We may still see T-Mobile try to beat AT&T, but as of right now Verizon is the place to go if you want the LG G6 as soon as possible.

LG G6 Color Options

In case you missed leaks from earlier, these are the colors that the LG G6 will be available in. The phone features a premium all metal and glass design. The front and back are covered in glass, with a smooth yet textured brushed metal finish on back. It’s a sealed design, so the battery isn’t removable, but it’s big coming in at 3,300 mAh. Not to mention wireless charging and a water-resistance design is the result of that change.

The LG G6 will be released in Astro Black, Ice Platinum (Silver), and Mystic White. Although the White model will not be available in the United States. Sadly all carriers in the US to only offer Black or Silver, with potentially some special colors coming at a later date.

LG G6 Price

Last but certainly not least, how much will this stunning and sleek new smartphone cost? Well, information is just starting to come in for carriers from the US and retail stores. Previously we were basing information off of South Korea. Now that we have official prices, you’ll want to pay special attention to the offers being made available. As some are charging a lot more than others.

The LG G6 features you'll love, and two you'll need to learn to live with.

LG G6 Price by Carrier

  • Verizon: $28 per month for 24 months – $672 full price

  • AT&T: $24 per month for 30 months on AT&T Next – $30 per month for 24 months on AT&T Next Every Year ($2 more a month than Verizon)

  • T-Mobile: $26 down and $26 per month for 24 months; $650 full price

  • Sprint: Pricing TBA

Other Details

This new phone is their best device yet. It has a huge screen, two stunning 13 megapixel cameras on the back, water-resistance, a 3.5mm headphone jack and more. It’s also better priced than many expected. Not to mention cheaper than the upcoming Galaxy S8 by almost $200 if rumors are accurate.

Carrier monthly payment plans will keep the price wallet-friendly and affordable, and deals are everywhere to be found. Again, we don’t have all the details from every carrier yet, but the biggest three have confirmed all the information mentioned above. Order a new LG G6 starting in the early hours of March 17th, and check back for more details in the coming days. Our sideshow below are the 10 best LG G6 cases available right now too. Buy one of those while you’re at it.

10 Best LG G6 Cases

Spigen Rugged Armor

 1 / 10
Spigen Rugged Armor

Spigen is a brand that needs no introduction, as they’ve offered some of the best cases for almost every phone for the past couple of years. One of my favorites always happens to be the Spigen Rugged Armor. It has a sleek design, two-tone finish with a textured grip on the top and bottom, and fits with precision. 

The company makes a wide assortment of cases, so we’d recommend choosing one that’s right for you. They also come in a slew of colors, sizes, and with varying levels of protection. 

With the Spigen Rugged Armor you’ll have a case that isn’t too thick, but not too thin. They’ve added a resilient shock absorber material to the inside edges for added drop protection, and finished it off with a carbon-fiber look and feel. It’s available right now. 

Buy it on Amazon for $14.99

 1 / 10

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