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Destiny 2 Release Date, Features & Details

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New video games come and go every month. It’s the titles that aren’t just one-off releases, the games that make you think about them long after you’ve put down the controller that really stick with you. Destiny, the massively popular shooter from developer Bungie is getting a sequel. All signs point to the Destiny 2 release date being one of the biggest things set to happen in gaming this calendar year.

Gamers have wondered about the potential Destiny 2 release date ever since the first game’s large expansion packs arrived. Destiny is an online role-playing game that lets players make their very own Guardian. These Guardians spend their time traveling throughout the solar system trying to uncover the secrets behind the near total destruction of Earth. There’s always new character improvements to snatch up by doing the latest missions and power-ups to earn by teaming up with other players. Limited time events keep players thinking about the game. Players can still experience all this in Destiny The Collection.

We know that the Destiny 2 release date is quickly approaching. Here’s everything else that we know thus far.

  • Destiny 2 Release Date

  • Destiny 2 Reveal

  • Destin 2 Gameplay

  • Destiny 2 Setting

  • Early Destiny 2 DLC on PS4

  • Destiny 2 Consoles & PC

  • Destiny 2 Beta

  • Will Destiny Characters Transfer to Destiny 2?

  • Destiny 2 Rumors

Destiny 2 Release Date

Revealed back in 2014, the original Destiny was a sensation. Back then, it was one of the most forward-thinking games available on the Xbox One and PS4, both of which were just getting their start. The title had an incredible pedigree. Bungie, it’s developer, had begun work on the game after walking away from the Halo first-person shooter franchise. Activision, the publisher best known for the Call of Duty games, had an established reputation for bombastic, feature filled shooters.

Destiny went on to sell millions of copies and get three major expansions, all serving as a way to tide over fans until a new game could be launched. The first confirmations of Destiny 2 came in 2016 when Bungie confirmed there was a sequel on the way, according to IGN. Many automatically assumed that the Destiny 2 release date would be in September 2016 to mark the game’s two-year anniversary.

Activision says that the Destiny 2 release date will be sometime in fall 2017. The company also confirmed that Vicarious Creations, a studio known for its work on the Skylanders games, would assist Bungie in developing Destiny 2.

A poster linked to GameStop Italy hints at the official Destiny 2 release date being September 8th in Europe. Game releases in North America happen on Tuesdays, meaning a launch date of September 5th or 12th is possible.

Destiny 2 Reveal

Now that they’ve given gamers an idea of when to expect the Destiny 2 release date, Bungie and Activision have set their attention to promoting the upcoming game. They are planning to talk about the game a lot more and reveal answers to a lot of the questions that users have asked recently.

A teaser post on the social networking website Twitter confirmed that the Destiny 2 reveal date is March 30th. Exactly what details we’ll be treated to is unclear, but we know that details are coming. The teaser for the reveal features Cayde-6 getting a drink and discussing a battle he recently found himself in.

The reveal happens March 30th at 10 AM PST and 6 PM BST.

Destin 2 Gameplay

As far as we know, the core mechanics of the game won’t be changed for the new one. Gamers won’t suddenly find themselves playing something on Destiny 2 release date that departs in a huge way from the things that they liked about the first game. It’ll still be an online shooter that focuses on character progression and science fiction themes. Players will still create a Guardian that they can completely customize.

The game will get a more cinematic story experience than the previous game got. At least, that’s according to Activision’s Eric Hirshberg, who said so earlier this year. “The cornerstone is a great cinematic story. That’s been a real focus with a great cast of memorable relatable characters,” he told attendees of an investment call, according to That’s a huge deal as the original game was often criticized for its opaque story and approach to gaming related lore.

Hirshberg also confirmed that casual players should have an easier time when they sit down to play the game on the Destiny 2 release date. says that statements he made indicate that Bungie and Activision have worked hard to make the game more approachable for casual players. That’s big news. Its relatively complicated web of currencies and equipment are hard for new players to overcome.

Early Destiny 2 DLC on PS4

Destiny has long enjoyed a special relationship with the PS4. The game’s expansions arrived on PS4 consoles before they did on Xbox One. PS4 gamers also received access to exclusive content.

The same poster that hinted at a September 8th date for the Destiny release date indicates that this special relationship will continue going forward. That is, players will need a PS4 to get their hands on the Destiny 2 Beta before anyone else. A video later released by Sony confirms that the special relationship the franchise has with the PS4 will continue.

It hints at exclusive content. This isn’t likely to impress the users that were ready to purchase the game for Xbox One, but content deals like these happen routinely. This one isn’t unexpected.

Destiny 2 Consoles & PC

The Xbox One and PS4 where the official homes of Destiny. Versions arrived for the Xbox 360 and PS3 too, but it’s those two versions that live on today. A report from gaming website Kotaku indicates they’re getting some back up in time for the Destiny 2 release date.

Reportedly, Destiny 2 is coming to the PS4, Xbox One and PCs running Microsoft’s Windows operating system. If true, the changes coming to the Destiny community could be huge. Despite being an online role-playing game with a bug focus on multiplayer, the original game never came to PCs.

It’s also unclear whether Destiny 2 will have enhanced versions that support the HDR and upgraded textures available to PS4 Pro owners and coming to Xbox games with Xbox Scorpio later this year.

Destiny 2 Beta

Expect a Destiny 2 Beta, according to this posted from GameStop Italy.

With the intricate online systems of Destiny, it was a given that there’d be a Destiny 2 Beta release. The same poster that hinted at a September 8th release day in Italy also confirms that PS4 users will get access to the Destiny 2 Beta before anyone else does. Allegedly, this Destiny 2 Beta will arrive in June.

Will Destiny Characters Transfer to Destiny 2?

Speaking to IGN, Destiny Community managers have said that “That idea is that the Guardian you have created is something you can bring along with you on that adventure.” At the time, many believed that he was confirming players would be able to take the characters that they’ve spent so much time customizing and creating with them to future versions of the game.

Guardians won’t completely transfer to Destiny 2.

In a recent post on the, Bungie confirms that this isn’t entirely accurate. The company says that it sees sequels as “the start of a new adventure for every player.” As such, it’s drawing a somewhat line between Destiny and its sequels.

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Characters will transfer over, complete with their customizations. That is, their class, race, gender, face, hair and hair will come to Destiny 2. Markings for reaching Level 20 and finishing the Black garden mission will transfer too. Players will get new Honors to acknowledge their deeds from the first game.

Now the bad news. “Destiny 1 power, possessions, Eververse-related items and currency will not carry forward.” Basically, Bungie is splitting the difference.

Destiny 2 Rumors

  • Some believe that the Destiny 2 release date will bring with it spaceship battles. Such a move would make sense. Players travel the Solar System in the first game, but there are no space battles yet. The last time Bungie game to feature a space battle was Halo Reach.

The Destiny 2 release date is almost here. It’s time to get excited.

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