Thursday, March 9, 2017

Best Bluetooth Game Controllers for Android

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Most games for Android are designed to work with a touchscreen. Each and every year they get better too. Some are great, but the experience can be even better with a Bluetooth controller. Especially ports from other consoles. With that in mind, here are some of the best Bluetooth game controllers to use on Android.

Devices like the NVIDIA Shield console are extremely popular for a lot of reasons. From the console quality graphics and smart TV aspects, to the game controller. Multiple developers release games exclusively with controller support, too.

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While most can get by with using the touchscreen, some of the better games will greatly benefit from a controller. Between high quality console emulators and VR platforms, a controller is the perfect accessory for gamers. Most of the options mentioned below will also work with a PC or iOS.

In the past we’ve detailed excellent first person shooter games, casual games, and even action or adventure titles. Almost all of them work just fine on a smartphone or tablet. If you read the description on Google Play, many of these recommend a bluetooth controller. Not to mention upcoming shooter games in 2017 will be better than ever if you buy one.

Those who enjoy gaming on their Android smartphones, tablets or Android TV devices, will want to get a game controller. It turns titles into a console-like experience, and truly showcases the power of Android gaming. Many even come with software to customize what buttons do what, for the perfect experience.

Without further delay, these are the best Bluetooth game controllers for Android. Buy one today and enjoy all the benefits of high-quality Android gaming. Some will deliver an Xbox like experience, while others are some general designs. That said, many have built-in stands or phone holders too. Meaning they’ll work for multiple situations.

MOGA Pro Power

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MOGA Pro Power

Power A makes some of the best controllers for Android smartphones and tablets. For years they were the go-to brand, and the Pro Power is one of the best yet. It has so much to offer for a low price that we had to include it right out of the gate. 

The MOGA Pro is a well-designed and durable game controller that pairs instantly and easily over Bluetooth. It’s made for Android too, rather than just happens to work with it. Some games are even MOGA-approved. Between the fancy textured grips for ease of use, to the ABXY buttons and more. It does it all. 

The MOGA has two joysticks, a D-Pad, two triggers and two shoulder buttons. Basically everything you’ll ever need. There’s also a built-in phone clip that holds almost any size device you could imagine. In the box is a small plastic tripod type stand too, if you want to game on a desk or at the dinner table. 

And finally, it is called the “Power” for a reason. The MOGA controller has a 2,200 mah battery that lasts plenty long, or it can actually recharge your smartphone to extend gaming sessions. Neat, right? It’s one of our favorites, and doesn’t cost too much either. 

Buy it on Amazon for $38.50 (the Hero is smaller and more affordable, too)

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