Friday, March 24, 2017

Android O makes it easier to add custom ringtones, alarms and notification sounds [Diving into Android O]

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The Android O Developer Preview has simplified the way in which custom ringtones, alarm sounds, and notification sounds can be assigned.

In previous versions of stock Android, the process of adding a custom ringtone involved copying files into the dedicated ringtone or alarm folders on your handset — or downloading a third-party app. Neither was a particularly elegant solution and other manufacturers, such as Samsung and Huawei, have long-since provided a more convenient way of doing it.

In Android O, you can now more easily select an audio file from your device. When you are selecting a ringtone from the sound settings menu, an “Add Ringtone” option will appear at the bottom of the list of stock sounds. Tapping this will allow you to locate an audio file from your phone and, once you have, this will become available in the menu alongside the default sounds.

You can thank Sony for some of the wireless audio improvements in Android O

1 day ago

It’s not the biggest addition to Android O that we’ve seen so far, but it’s a clear improvement over the needlessly clumsy previous method.

For everything else you need to know about Android O, hit the link.

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