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5 Best Surface Pro 4 Alternatives in 2017

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Microsoft’s Surface Pro is a computing juggernaut. The line of PCs managed to spawn a form factor that is in wide use today. The Surface Pro 4 is the ultimate tablet that can replace your laptop. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider a Windows 10 2-in-1 made by one of Microsoft’s partners. The best Surface Pro 4 alternatives offer things that you can’t get from Surface.

All these machines build on the same general idea as Microsoft’s offering. The days of having two PCs are gone. Most people carry a smartphone for the things that they need to do on the go. The Surface and the best Surface Pro 4 alternatives offer the ease of use of a tablet and the power of a laptop. With a keyboard and mouse, you have everything that you need to be productive. Turn off the mouse, remove the keyboard and you’ve got an experience akin to a bigger smartphone. You can move in and out of your apps fluidly. You can enjoy all your favorite movies and TV shows in an effortless, more intimate way.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4

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What Makes the Best Surface Pro 4 Alternatives

It’s understanding this divide that makes for the best Surface Pro 4 alternatives. Windows 10 has a non-touch mode that lets you interact with it as you’ve done for years. The Start Screen becomes the Start Menu and every app shrinks into a window in this mode. You can minimize, maximize or close them with just a click. The best Windows 2-in-1s come with great keyboards and touchpads for this mode.

Their high-definition touchscreen displays are key to their tablet experience. Remove their keyboards and Windows 10 gets ready for touch. The Start Menu becomes the Start Screen and gestures kick in so that you can manage your apps with swipes and taps. Those high-definition screens make these devices great for reading books and watching movies. Digital pen support with pressure sensitivity makes them great for taking handwritten notes and drawing.

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Many Surface Pro 4 alternatives offer things that the Surface Pro 4 doesn’t. There’s USB Type-C technology, a port that allows you to charge and transfer files faster than older USB ports. Some have fingerprint readers that work with Windows Hello and let you sign in to them faster than the camera that’s built into modern Surfaces. The ThinkPad X1 Tablet banks on accessories that add features, ports and battery life.

To be amongst the best Surface Pro 4 alternatives devices need a touchscreen, digital pen option and must have a keyboard for replicating a laptop experience.

Here are the best Surface Pro 4 alternatives.

Best Surface Pro 4 Alternatives

  1. Huawei MateBook

  2. Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

  3. Samsung Galaxy Book with Windows

  4. ThinkPad X1 Tablet

  5. HP Elite X2 1012

Huawei MateBook – $399

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Huawei MateBook - $399

 Boasting nine hours of battery life and a slim profile, the Huawei MateBook is relatively new to the Windows 2-in-1 space. Its maker is known best for affordable Android phones with decent build quality.

This machine offers 4GB of RAM and an Intel Core m3 processor for just $399. More expensive configurations add an Intel Core m5 processor, up to 8GB of RAM and 512GB of solid state storage. The Huawei MateBook goes for minimalism at all costs. Its metal frame has just a USB Type-C port, a headset jack and a connection for its add-on keyboard. The front is dominated by a 12-inch high-definition display that has a 2160 x 11440 resolution.

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You’ll need to factor in the cost of the digital pen and the keyboard because neither of these come with the Huawei MateBook. They, like the tablet itself, are cheaper than what Surface offers. The MatePen is just $49 from the Microsoft Store. The keyboard, which has a kickstand for propping the device up and backlit keys, costs $99.

[ Buy the Huawei MateBook for $399 from the Microsoft Store ]

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