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5 Best Nintendo Switch Stands

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When you see or hear about what the Nintendo Switch is, you don’t assume that you’ll need to research the best Nintendo Switch stands to get the most of the console. Designed as both a way to play Splatoon 2 and other games on a television set and out in the real world, the Nintendo Switch shouldn’t need a stand for you to get the best gaming experience possible.

It does, sadly. Finding the best Nintendo Switch stands can take time. A lot of the things that Nintendo Switch pulls off it does with aplomb. You can remove its Joy-Con controllers and play your games with just the motion sensors and buttons on their face. The Nintendo Switch comes with a dock that allows it to output video to any HDMI-equipped television set. There’s even a kickstand that allows the Nintendo Switch to be propped up on a table or flat surface. These are all great features for the Nintendo Switch to have, but none of them make good Nintendo Switch stands an unnecessary purchase. Each is compromised in its own ay somehow.

Nintendo Switch stands allow you to easily view and charge your new gaming console.

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Here are the best Nintendo Switch stands for your new console. Some of them will give you the flexibility to play games at any table regardless of its height. Others provide much-needed access to the bottom-mounted USB Type-C port that the Nintendo Switch relies on for charging. One makes it possible to easily charge your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers away from your console.

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Do You Need a Nintendo Switch Stand?

Before deciding which Nintendo Switch stand you want, it’s important to make sure that you understand why Nintendo Switch stands are necessary.

Nintendo clearly spent a lot of time planning the Switch’s features. It doesn’t always feel like it’s design and port placement are well thought out, though. The USB Type-C port works well for the Nintendo Switch dock, but you can’t charge the console in handheld mode without having the USB cable draped across your lap. This becomes a problem when you need to charge the Nintendo Switch and make use of its built-in kickstand. You can’t because your USB cable won’t allow the bottom edge of the Nintendo Switch to lay flush on a table. The only solution is to get the Nintendo Switch off the surface and propped up on something. Even the best Nintendo Switch cases and covers won’t help with that.

Nintendo Switch stands are important for another reason too. The kickstand built into the back of the console is perfect for spontaneous gaming on the go. That is, you can extend it and begin gaming quickly. Unfortunately, it only locks into a single position. You’ll have to move the entire console closer or farther away to avoid glare. You’ll have to move up or down to get just the right viewing angle. It’s a problem users of the first-generation Microsoft Surface Pro know all too well.

Best Nintendo Switch Stands

  1. Hori Compact Play Stand – $12.99

  2. Nintendo Switch Stand Compact Holder – $19.99

  3. Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Dock – $29.99

  4. Nintendo Switch Case with Stand – $12.99

  5. Tripod Stand for Nintendo Switch – $9.99

Hori Compact Play Stand – $12.99

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Hori Compact Play Stand - $12.99

 The Hori Compact Play Stand is officially licensed by Nintendo. This means that Nintendo has tested it to make sure that it meets a certain quality and doesn’t significantly interfere with the console. As there’s a sea of unsanctioned accessories out there for the Nintendo Switch, this is important.

The $12.99 stand collapses in on itself when not in use so that you can slip it into the same carry case or bag that holds your Nintendo Switch console. The kickstand mechanism built into the body of this stand is adjustable. This gets you the best viewing angles possible.

The important thing to appreciate about the Hori Compact Play Stand for Nintendo Switch is its shelf. This shelf holds the console high enough that you can run the charging cable to the bottom of the Switch and not have it interfere.

[ Buy the Hori Compact Play Stand for $12.99 from Amazon ]

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