Tuesday, March 14, 2017

15 Best Offline Android Games

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Are you looking for the best offline Android games? We don’t always have an internet connection to play our favorite mobile games. Which makes it difficult to pass the time when there’s no WiFi. This is a question we hear all the time. As a result, below we’ve gathered up a list detailing some of the best games to play without WiFi.

Whether you’re about to board a plane and don’t want to spend $10 for WiFi access. Or are going on a long road trip and want to stay entertained. These games will work great without internet.

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It might sound impossible, as most new titles require WiFi or some sort of internet access. That said, there are still dozens of games that work without it. And most are just as addicting as others that require internet or 4G LTE. Read on for a full list of awesome games you can play anywhere.

These are the best games you can play offline on Android

In the past we’ve detailed some of the best games for Android, like racing titles, but the goal here is completely different. This is a collection of all types of different games or genres, all that work without a connection.

Our list below is in no particular order, full of games you can play no matter what. Additionally, some will require internet at first to download and get ready. Just remember that and they’ll work later. Others offer the best experience with WiFi but will still work without it.

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As long as you’ve downloaded these games ahead of time long flights won’t be so bad. Make sure you’ve opened the apps at least once before leaving the house, just to make sure any content has been downloaded. Of course once this is done you’re all set.

Best Offline Android Games

  • Fallout: Shelter

  • Grand Theft Auto

  • Plants vs Zombies 2

  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition

  • Monument Valley

  • Bejeweled

  • Altos Adventure

  • Flick Quarterback 17

  • Stack

  • Subway Surfers

  • Smash Hit

  • Angry Birds (all)


  • Cut The Rope: Time Travel

  • Pac-Man 256

The list above are just a few of the many old or new Android games that will work without WiFi. These are in no particular order or genre, so pick what sounds interesting to you. We’ve listed them out for those in a hurry getting ready for a trip. Next, check out the full slideshow below with additional details about each games, and links to download them today.

Fallout: Shelter

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Fallout: Shelter

Fallout is one of the most popular console games of all times. Players can enjoy it for hundreds of hours on end, and love every minute of it. While many of you have probably played Fallout: Shelter on mobile, did you know it works without WiFi? This is a perfect game to enjoy while on a plane. 

Fallout Shelter is similar to SimBuilder type games where you build a village and make everyone happy. Only this takes place in an underground bunker after the world was destroyed. It’s similar to the popular console game, but obviously different in many ways. All said and done, Fallout Shelter is an extremely popular mobile game that everyone can enjoy. Here are some important tips and tricks, then download it from our link below. 

Play Fallout: Shelter 

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