Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Uber CEO argues with a driver over dropping income

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The company declined to comment about the video to Bloomberg.

While it’s hard to know just how much Uber affected Kamel’s bottom line, there is some evidence to back up his claims. Uber drivers have complained that fare cuts are making the job unsustainable, and the company recently paid $20 million to resolve complaints that it exaggerated drivers’ potential income. At least for some workers, then, Uber isn’t nearly as alluring as it was in previous years.

Kalanick’s behavior isn’t unexpected, but calling this bad timing would be an understatement. Many have already accused him of being tone deaf to social issues, whether it’s sexism among his staff or his initial reluctance to leave President Trump’s advisory council despite widespread anger. While there are hints of a more receptive approach (Kalanick recently met with women at Uber to listen to their issues), the video suggests there’s still room for improvement. He’s not exactly reassuring drivers worried that they’re merely serving as placeholders until self-driving cars can take over.

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