Thursday, February 23, 2017

One of the highest rated VPNs we’ve seen just slashed 65% off the price

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I’m already aware of Hotspot Shield Elite, so just…

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If you get hacked in 2017, it’s basically your own damn fault.

The number of security resources available to everyday users is huge. They’ve also never been less expensive.

For instance, virtual private networks should essentially be used by everyone at this point.

VPNs conceal your online activity from malicious third parties as well as from your ISP.

Although other tools like password keepers are nice to have, VPNs have gotten to the point where they’re pretty necessary.

Identity theft is on the rise, Google is openly concerned about mobile security, and public wifi networks are used without precaution every day.

If you live in a metropolitan area and use public wifi networks without a VPN, you might as well just leave your wallet on the table when you go to the wash room while you’re at it. You’re begging to have your personal information stolen.

This is especially frustrating to people working in the security industry, because quality VPNs have never been so affordable.

For instance, Hotspot Shield Elite is currently on sale. Depending on which plan you pick, you can save between 63 and 67 percent on the original price.

“It’s easy to use, affordable, and will secure all the traffic from your computer.” PC Mag, 4/5 Stars

Here’s what you get:

  • Browse anonymously w/ mobile or desktop devices on public hotspots w/ just one-click

  • Bypass Internet censorship to access geographically blocked content

  • Connect to any of 20+ virtual locations in the USA, UK, Australia, Japan, Canada, Hong Kong, China, India & Germany

  • Get complete Wi-Fi security to protect your identity, location & IP address

  • Avoid hackers, government agencies, identity thieves & more

  • Receive complete cloud-based malware protection

  • Know when you’ve landed on a known or suspected malicious or phishing website via AnchorFree’s database of more than 3.5 million malicious sites

The mobile app is currently rocking 4 out of 5 stars out of 745,000 reviews on Google Play, so the people have spoken: this VPN is worth its salt.

The best value option is the lifetime subscription which is $69.99 instead of $199, but if you’re not willing to commit to unlimited service, other plans exist.

Subscription options:

Whichever you choose, you’ll need to act quickly. This offer only lasts today and tomorrow.

Ready to start browsing the internet instead of letting it browse you? Start securing your personal and financial information today!

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In disclosure, we may get a small percent from purchases made through affiliates. However, the AA Picks team only spotlights verified, legitimate deals. It’s a nice way to help keep the lights on around here, and it decreases our reliance on pesky ads. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out at [email protected].
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