Saturday, February 4, 2017

More alleged LG G6 images show metallic-looking back

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Three weeks before its official launch, what appears to be the LG G6 has been leaked in a new set of images.

Corroborating previous leaks, the new images come from Korean website UnderKG, which also published the above image of the LG G6 from January 27. In fact, the new images were provided by the same anonymous tipster, according to UnderKG.

For the first time, we get a complete view of the front of the device, showing the same metallic frame, small bezels, and curved display corners we’ve first seen in The Verge’s report last month. Confirming a detail from The Verge’s leak, the bottom bezel is slightly larger than the top one, but still quite thin.

Surprisingly, images of the back of the phone show what appears to be a brushed metal finish. So far, multiple reports claimed the LG G6 would have a glass back, similar to recent Galaxy flagships. There’s even some photographic “proof” – this unrelated leak from yesterday showing a very glossy, glass-like finish.

So, what’s going on here? There are a few options:

  • The back is actually glass, but with a brushed metal texture at the base.

  • The previous reports are wrong, and LG has in fact decided to use an all-metal design.

  • These images show a prototype or a variant of the LG G6 that will co-exist with the glass-backed variant.

  • These images show a different device.

We can’t really call it right now, but we will say that a fully metallic construction would likely make it impossible to have wireless charging on the LG G6, a feature that multiple rumors predicted for the device.

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