Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Get Ready to Buy a Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 in India at Cheaper Price soon

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Samsung is all set to launch the Galaxy S8 smartphone by the end of March, and it is expected that it is going to be a revolutionary change from the company. While we wait for the smartphone to launch officially, we now have a new report on the Galaxy Note 7, and it looks like the smartphone is not dead after all. Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is all set to make a comeback as the company is planning for a relaunch by the month of June. It’s finally happening!

Samsung recalled the Note 7 units last year just a couple of months after the official announcement. The smartphones were catching fire out in the wild. Initially, the company recalled a couple of units, and then again they started selling them. However, even the new units wich were shipped started catching fire. Later, the smartphone was officially pulled off by the company, and all the units were recalled which cost them a lot of money. Now according to the source, the company will start selling them again around the month of June, and these new units will have different batteries.

According to the source, Samsung is planning to swap out the stock 3,500 mAh battery of the Note 7 with a smaller 3,000 or 3,200 mAh battery. However, the company is planning to relaunch the smartphones only in emerging markets like India & Vietnam. While this seems like a far-fetched plan, but it is said to be done in order to recover costs from the initial smartphone recall. Also, this will help them sell the 2.5 million units of the smartphone and save them the work of disposal. However, this is also a good news for the consumers since these units will now cost them less, as the company will be selling them as ‘refurbished’ units.

Do make a note that it is not yet officially confirmed by the company yet, but it is indeed worth noting that the company was considering other options as well, in order to minimize the environmental impact of the recall process. And whatv other way to fit a different battery into them and sell them as a refurbished Note 7? Howwever, it is to be seen if these refirbished units will be safe from any kind of explosion or not. Having said that, let us know what do you think about the Note 7 relaunch? Would you buy one if you get them for a cheaper price? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more such info.

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