Saturday, December 24, 2016

SuperSU v2.79 update delivers faster Nougat boot speeds and fixes Pixel TWRP issue

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Chainfire has updated SuperSU yet again in the wake of still more SELinux changes in Android Nougat. The developer has shared a flashable zip for the updated superuser management tool and there are beta versions of SuperSU available on XDA Developers for the more adventurous.

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October 26, 2016

There’s a bunch of technical changes going on in the updated version, but the broad strokes version is that SuperSU runs in its own context now, reducing the likelihood of conflicts, and it no longer modifies a contexts bin file that previously caused issues on some firmware. The TWRP incompatibility issue on the Google Pixel has also been fixed.

Like Nougat itself, SuperSU has been retooled to get up and running much faster when booting, especially on app-heavy devices. Note that this speed increase will be most noticeable on devices running firmware based on Nougat code, but Chainfire notes older Android versions are still improved.

Here’s the full changelog if you’re that way inclined:

  • Expand Samsung detection

  • GUI: Reworked portions to work with ‘supersu’ context on 7.0+

  • GUI: Fix binary update notice when superuser disabled by user in some cases

  • su: Reworked portions to work with ‘supersu’ context on 7.0+

  • su/GUI: Improve responsiveness when device busy on 7.0+

  • sukernel: Fix cpio restore failure with very short filenames

  • sukernel: No longer patches file_contexts(.bin)

  • sukernel: Revert force seclabel (no longer needed with ‘supersu’ context)

  • supolicy: Add -create-, -auditallow-, -auditdeny- policy commands

  • supolicy: Support “*” for permission/range parameter of -allow-, -deny-, -auditallow-, -auditdeny-, -allowxperm- policy commands

  • supolicy: Reworked all SELinux rules for 7.0+, run as ‘supersu’ context

  • ZIP: Separate slotselect and system_root logic

  • ZIP: Adjust system/system_root device and mount-point detection

  • ZIP: Fix minor errors in documentation

  • ZIP/frp: Explicitly label /su

To download SuperSU v2.79-SR1 hit the button below and if you need some instructions on flashing it, head on over to Chainfire’s site for the full how to.

Paste your parsed code here.
Paste your parsed code here.


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