Sunday, December 25, 2016

FBI looks into Chinese hack targeting federal insurance

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The FBI isn’t commenting, and the Chinese government tells Reuters that it’s “very hard” to determine where an attack came from without evidence. You’re not about to get firm answers about those hacks, we’re afraid. However, there’s no doubt that online security is still an ongoing problem. Official disclosures show that there were 159 instances of unauthorized access in the FDIC’s fiscal 2015, 20 of which were data breaches.

The corporation is fixing at least some of the underlying problems. It should be conducting vulnerability scans in a sensitive part of its network, and (like other departments) it’s preventing staff from simply walking away with sensitive info on thumb drives. There’s also a question of whether or not the threat is as large as it was in 2010 given a recent US-China agreement that theoretically limits hacking campaigns. Still, it’s entirely possible that the FBI investigation will not only reveal the nature and scope of the FDIC hack, but lead to important changes in government security.

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