Tuesday, December 20, 2016

9 Things to Know About the iPad iOS 10.2 Update

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You might’ve heard. There’s an iOS 10.2 update available for all versions of the iPad capable of running iOS 10. With that in mind we want to take a look at the most important things you need to know about the iPad iOS 10.2 update right now.


Apple continues to refine its iOS 10 operating system with a series of milestone and bug fix updates. The latest, iOS 10.2, is a huge update for both the iPhone and iPad as it brings more than just bug fixes and security patches.

The iPad iOS 10.2 update is substantial though there’s more to it than the new emojis and changes for Apple TV.

2016 iPad Air 3 Release Date - 5

If you’re coming to iOS 10.2 from iOS 10.1.1, your update will be pretty big. If you’re coming from something older than iOS 10.1.1, your iPad’s iOS 10.2 update will be much larger thanks to the fixes and/or features from previous iOS updates.

The iOS 10.2 update is a big change for all iPads and that’s precisely why we’re taking a close look at it today.

This roundup takes a look at the iOS 10.2 update’s early performance, the iOS 10.2 jailbreak, iOS 10.2 problems plaguing the iPad, and more. We’ll continue to update this with new information so check back in as the month goes on.


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