Thursday, December 15, 2016

10 Things to Know About the iPhone 6 iOS 10.2 Update

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The iPhone 6 iOS 10.2 update is now available and today we want to walk iPhone 6 users through the most important things we think you should know about this substantial upgrade’s features, performance and a whole lot more.


In October, Apple confirmed an iPhone 6 iOS 10.2 update with a release into its beta program for developers and the general public. The iOS 10.2 beta confirmed many of the features on board the software including new emojis, redesigned emojis, a new TV app, and single sign on for Apple TV.

A short time ago, Apple pulled the iPhone 6 iOS 10.2 update out of beta and it’s now available to all iPhone 6 users, not just those who signed up for the beta.

As expected the final version of the iOS 10.2 update is loaded with features, bug fixes and security patches for potential exploits.


If you’re coming to iOS 10.2 from iOS 10.1.1, expect a sizable download. If you’re coming from something older like iOS 10.1 or iOS 9, your iOS 10.2 update will be much bigger. You’ll get everything from the previous iPhone 6 updates baked in.

With the smoke from the release starting to settle we want to take a close look at the iPhone 6 iOS 10.2 update. This roundup includes our first impressions of the software, some tips to help you get the most out of iOS 10.2, and a look at iPhone 6 iOS 10.2 problems.


We’ll continue to update this page as we push away from the release date so check back for regular changes.

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